Video: Thug punches San Jose mayor’s security officer while local TV station interviews Democratic mayor — and it’s on

Tuesday night when a man punched Democratic Mayor Matt Mahan’s security guard in San Jose. chron tv At the time, the station was interviewing Mahan on South 1st Street, so cameras were rolling and recorded the entire two-minute fight and the moments leading up to it.

What are the details?

The department said Mahan was in the area for a restaurant opening, and during the interview, cellphone video shows a male pedestrian passing on the mayor’s right side.

Kron announced that a pedestrian approached the mayor’s security guard and a verbal exchange between the two was heard while Mr. Mahan informed the pedestrian that he was being interviewed.

“Oh, are you in the middle of an interview?” the pedestrian asked the mayor, standing next to him while he was caught on camera.

“I’m talking on the phone,” the pedestrian said, presumably to Mahan’s security guard. “Is something wrong?”

According to KRON, the pedestrian then told the trooper, also a San Jose police officer, to “mind his (explicit) business.” The pedestrian also told the officer, “I was going to do what I was (explicitly) going to do right before you approached me,” police said.

Immediately, the pedestrian started walking forward and away from the camera, and there was apparently physical contact between the pedestrian and the officer. The pedestrian was also heard saying he was going to “hit” the security guard.

KRON said the pedestrian appeared to hit the security guard in the head with his right hand. Here’s a video of that punch and the seconds that followed:

The full video of the fight is available exclusively below Kron at present.

The fight between pedestrians and security personnel continued for some time. This screenshot of the battle in progress includes arrows (from left to right) pointing to guards, pedestrians, and the mayor.

Image source: X video screenshot via @jmolmud

KRON video shows several bystanders finally joining the fray and helping troopers control the pedestrians.

San Jose police eventually took the pedestrian into custody, the department said.

KRON said the mayor’s security guard was injured during the scuffle and was taken to a hospital for evaluation, adding that police were turning over evidence to the district attorney’s office.

According to the department, the suspect was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on multiple charges, including a felony assault on a police officer. Police told KRON that the motive and circumstances of the fight are under investigation.

The department said Mahan was not physically injured during the incident, and his office released the following statement:

Mayor Matt Mahan is deeply grateful to the security personnel and the entire San Jose Police Department. The actions of our police officers tonight were heroic and a testament to the de-escalation training that makes police officers competent, caring, and stewards of the trust of their communities. His thoughts are with the police officer and he wishes him a speedy recovery. The Mayor understands what an honor it is to have an armed police officer protecting him at all times, and he is determined to create a safer city for everyone. That means addressing the root causes of crime, including hiring more police officers and intervening earlier and more effectively in cycles of addiction, mental illness and violence.

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