Videos Show Hezbollah Rocket Fire In Northern Israel As Civilians Drive On Roadways

Two videos from Tuesday and Monday highlight how rockets from Hezbollah hit people in vehicles at close range on roads in northern Israel.

A video taken on Tuesday shows how projectiles from the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah approached “drivers on the highway,” said Times of Israel military correspondent Emanuel. Fabian said in a tweet. (Related: IDF releases video showing attacking rocket launcher used by IDF to attack Israel)

The video begins with a driver enjoying a drive on a northern highway. Israel That’s when a sound was heard off-camera, making the conversation between the drivers even more panicky. It sounded like something hit something outside the car. Another sound of something colliding could be heard over the commotion, albeit a little harder to hear. As drivers looked on in shock, cameras showed what appeared to be a cloud of dust thrown into the air by the impact in the distance.

Another bang was heard and the car approached the clouds. Another impact was heard, but this time the explosion on the highway was caught on camera. The driver of the car calmly drove through the crash scene on the highway as passengers panicked. The car passed by without incident.

The Times of Israel claimed that Hezbollah was targeting the headquarters of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) troops stationed in the region. report. No injuries were reported from the barrage, the newspaper said. The video does not appear to show military installations or military vehicles on the roads in the area.

A second video from Monday shows a group of buses traveling in northern Israel getting out of their vehicles due to an explosion. “Pretty intense. A group of people were hit by Hezbollah rockets in the Golan Heights a while ago,” Joe Truzman, a senior analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, tweeted along with the video. He said in a tweet that the explosion was caused by a Hezbollah rocket.

The video began with a column of smoke and dust caused by an apparent Hezbollah rocket fired near the bus. Several bus passengers expressed surprise in Hebrew at the scene. A voice could be heard ordering people to get out of the car, followed by people getting off the bus.



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