‘Wake up!’: Europe’s Ukraine warning

The petition was made by a delegation of foreign affairs committee chairs from each country. 6 European countries and Canadamet with U.S. lawmakers on the sidelines of difficult negotiations over border security policies that are blocking major funding packages for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

In reality, America needs a wake-up call too.” said Alicia Kearns, a member of the British Parliament who chairs the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“If Taiwan is invaded, the US will have to lead Taiwan along with Japan, South Korea and Australia, and we in Europe will have to lead Ukraine. We will have to say, “We can't give you anything.'' What do you want from aid to Taiwan? ”

European parliamentarians framed their message as tough love For allies caught up in partisan chaos.

And while European countries defended their contributions and commitments to Ukraine ($160 billion between Europe, Canada, and Japan), they also There is no substitute for American military assistance. Both for Ukraine and for its leadership on the world stage.

The delegation, which included parliamentarians from Canada, the Czech Republic, Spain, France and Lithuania, expressing optimism Republicans and Democrats said they are committed to fulfilling President Biden's request for $60 billion to support Ukraine's defensive war against Russia.

but The attitude of the Republican Party as a whole is getting worse and worse. Regarding aid to Ukraine over the past year, many have argued that taxpayer funds should be focused on domestic issues. Former President Trump has repeatedly promised to end the war when he returns to the White House, raising concerns that he will pressure Ukraine to cede territory to Russia.

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