Walk Back? — ‘Apprentice’ Star Maria Bakalova Claims Trump-Smear Film ‘Is Not a Biopic’

Maria Bakalova plays Ivana Trump in biopic apprenticelaughingly argues that the movie is bad.Not a biopic”:

“Well, that scene was always in the script. And I think it’s important to my character’s arc as well. So let’s look at this. This is not a biopic. This movie has Trump’s character. I don’t consider this a biopic because not every detail of life is depicted. I’m not saying this is a Trump movie; it’s not exactly the same story, just one person. I think it’s a bigger film that focuses on the man. It’s inspired by him, but it’s not a biopic for me.”

“So we used bullet points from real people as inspiration, just like in a typical script. We think the events in the script are important to the story we share. As artists, we’re there to share stories and make impactful pieces of film that make you feel something, that move you, whether you criticize them or empathize with them. As long as you feel it, it matters.”

It smells like a new topic has been released.

apprentice It’s clearly being marketed and sold as a biopic. It’s also a multi-million dollar election interference story. Furthermore, the director of the film, Ali Abbasi, has openly stated that he wants the film to be released in theaters at the same time as the September debate between Joe Biden and former President Trump regarding fraud. So it’s being sold as more than a biopic. It’s being sold as a two-hour campaign commercial to re-elect Hunter’s father.

apprentice It’s nothing less than an in-kind donation to the Biden campaign in the form of fake news. The film reportedly ends with Trump violently raping Ivana. So what we have here is a fake movie with fake scenes that attempts to portray the current presidential frontrunner as a cold-blooded monster who raped his first wife and the mother of his children.

The filmmakers are not concerned about the late Ivana’s denials that anything like this happened.

And we’re sure the filmmakers don’t care that Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley stands by her claim that her father showered with her when she was little.

And I’m sure the filmmakers don’t care that Tara Reade supports the credible allegation that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

So why would the film’s star back out of the biopic tag? Maybe it’s because the Trump campaign is threatening to sue over the fake rape scene, and maybe they should. This is blatant defamation.

“We intend to file a lawsuit to address the blatantly false claims made by these fake filmmakers,” the Trump campaign’s chief spokesperson said in a statement. “This garbage is pure fiction, sensationalizing a long-debunked lie.”

“Like the illegal Biden trial, this is election interference by Hollywood elites. I know that I will defeat the candidate.”

So now a new talking point is admitting that this movie is fake, not a biopic, and that’s enough to end the lawsuit and encourage the stupid left-wing anti-democratic distributors to buy this movie. It sounds as if you wish it were. .

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