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Trump Biopic ‘The Apprentice’ Leaves Cannes Empty-Handed: No Distribution, No Prizes

apprentice No US distribution deal was announced and the film left the Cannes Film Festival empty-handed after former President Donald Trump threatened lawsuits and injunctions against the filmmakers. Additionally, the film failed to win any awards at Saturday’s closing ceremony, despite some film critics predicting actor Sebastian Stan would win for his role as Trump. […]

‘The Apprentice’ Donald Trump biopic film shut out at Cannes

“The Apprentice,” a new biopic about former President Trump’s rise through the real estate industry, failed to win any awards at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend. The biopic is directed by Iranian-Danish filmmaker Ali Abbasi and stars actor Sebastian Stan as Trump, then a New York real estate developer, and Jeremy Strong as […]

Trump Sends Cease and Desist Demand in Attempt to Block Release of ‘The Apprentice’

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump have reportedly served a cease and desist letter on the filmmakers. apprentice In an attempt to block the film’s release, it warned producers not to pursue domestic distribution deals. The existence of this letter Confirmed From two anonymous sources variety, The excerpt is Obtained By the deadline. “While the […]

‘The Apprentice’ features scene of Trump raping his wife

There is no good way to deal with fascism, film director Ali Abbasi told audiences at the Cannes Film Festival after the premiere of his film about Donald Trump. “The Apprentice” premiered at a film festival in France, where audience members claimed the film contained a scene showing Trump sexually assaulting his wife, Ivana. Ahead […]

Trump team plans to sue ‘The Apprentice’ film makers, calls movie ‘pure fiction’

Former President Trump’s team is preparing to file a lawsuit against the makers of a biopic about his career in the 1980s. President Trump’s press secretary has called Ali Abbasi’s 2024 film The Apprentice, starring Sebastian Stan, “garbage” and “pure fiction.” Trump campaign communications director Stephen Chan told Fox News Digital: “We are filing a […]