WATCH: New Jersey business owner saves nearly 100 cats

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A New Jersey business owner has rescued nearly 100 cats stuck in trees thanks to his expert tree-climbing skills.

Stephen Marrow has been rescuing cats since 2021, despite being allergic to cats.

The owner of Tesla Tree Service told Fox News Digital that his typical day’s work includes removing dangerous branches from trees and pruning.

“But in a tree rescue, nothing takes precedence over a free emergency cat,” he said. “I’ve always loved animals, so I’ll help out in any way I can.”

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Stephen Marrow has rescued nearly 100 cats since he started volunteering in 2021. (Stephen Murrow)

Marrow explained that she started rescuing cats after a friend noticed a Facebook post about a local cat that had been stuck in a tree for days. They sent it to Murrow, who was interested.

“They knew I was a climber and asked if they could help,” the South Jersey resident explained. “The next morning, I went to the scene to help. It was a success!”

“Fifal the cat actually climbed towards me when he realized I was there to help.”

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Mallow smiles while holding a cat

Despite being allergic to cats, Stephen Marrow enjoys rescuing cats. (Stephen Murrow)

Murrow told Fox News Digital that rescuing her first cat was emotional.

“I literally cried about 100 tears.” [feet] on the tree after holding [Fifal] Stroke them nearby to let them know that everything will be okay. ”

Marrow initially used a cat carrier attached to a harness for the rescue. He now uses a rope bag, which he says “makes it much easier to maneuver through the trees.”

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A side-by-side image of an orange cat stuck in a tree

Mallow reassured the scared cats and let them know that if they came across them, she would help them right away. (Stephen Murrow)

Tree climbers are regularly contacted via social media and asked for assistance. Murrow says he never charges for his services and that he travels as far as two hours away to assist, even though it usually takes him an hour to drive. I emphasized.

He and his wife are not cat owners themselves; they own an 18-year-old mini dachshund named Lily. He told Fox News Digital that he recently conducted two cat rescues in the snow on Jan. 16.


Mallow gives a thumbs up gesture next to the owner who is holding the cat.

Stephen Marrow offers his cat rescue services free of charge. (Stephen Murrow)

“Both were successful, but the second one was really touching and had a super happy ending – a week later, the stars were reunited [the cat] To humans! ”Marrow said.



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