‘We’re Normal People,’ ‘We Have Our Body & We’re Allowed to Change It’

Transgender actor to star in new movie Emilia Perez Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, he said gender should “not matter”, adding that transgender people are “normal people”.

The film stars Carla Sofia Gascón, who was born male but now identifies as female. Emilia Perez He plays a male drug lord who undergoes sex change surgery and decides to withdraw from the drug trade. The unconventional musical film, starring Zoe Saldana and Selena Gomez, premiered in competition at Cannes on Saturday.

Gascón, who is originally from Spain, told a press conference over the weekend that transgender people are people like everyone else and that gender should be “unimportant.”

“We are ordinary people who can get any job we want,” Gascón said, according to AFP news agency. report“It’s not about being transgender. A transgender person is someone who is going through a transition. Once they transition, that’s it. They are who they are.”

“We are humans first and foremost, and there is no point in labeling us.”

Gascón said Hispanic culture tends to look down on transgender people.

“Transgender people face insults and death threats just because they exist. In Mexico, harsh language is used against transgender people. According to Deadline, it’s terrible. That could happen,” Gascón said. report

“I think we should accept ourselves as we are. We should continue to fight for our rights. We have our own bodies and we should be allowed to change them. It has been.”

Carla Sofia Gascón wrote a book about having sex reassignment surgery at the age of 46, after marrying a woman and having children.

Before transitioning, Gascón (real name Carlos) worked as an actor on Spanish-language television shows.

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