WHITTINGTON: Catch Parents Who Take A Leap Of Faith — Expand The Tax Credit

Last week, a bipartisan bill passed for young families. Expansion of child tax credit The victory by the U.S. House of Representatives was an incredible victory and a step in the right direction.

The vote, which came on the heels of national pro-life marches that reaffirmed America’s commitment to mothers and their children, strengthens America’s commitment to supporting new families, not just in law but in service. It represents a new determination to protect and protect life. To the world. As a mother myself, I understand how difficult that road can be.

Parents of young children face serious challenges, which are reflected in my own story. After having her four children in just over five years, her husband and I realized that although we were financially strapped, we were not in extreme poverty. I was too broke to move forward, but it was only a few dollars off against the help I applied for and that we needed. Once, we missed out on an offer because our car was worth just $1,000 too much. Seeing that car was incredible.

This same story is playing out across the country today. Today’s young families face financial pressures unlike anything they’ve experienced in decades, including basic necessities like food and shelter. For example, late last year, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that “Food inflation rose 11.0% from 2021 to 2022, the largest increase in food prices in more than 40 years.”

Regarding the above, 35% of the population rentsmost of them Young people under 35 years old, homeownership seems like a distant dream as potential savings are spent on survival. Since the pandemic, Single-family house rent Overall rents have increased by more than 35%, with an equally mind-boggling 29.4% increase.

These economic pressures create serious barriers to starting a family.The majority of abortions take place Among low-income householdsand financial challenges is regularly cited as a factor behind this decision. Currently, one in four households cannot cover a surprise $400 emergency expense.

Our legislators must address these challenges head-on for strong families today and strong nations tomorrow. Policies that support children and parents and reduce the economic burden of childbirth and childcare should be strongly promoted. Costs are high, especially in the first few months after birth, when the child requires the constant companionship of the mother. Health, attachment, and brain development — Here are some of the benefits of this precious bond.

One of the simplest, bipartisan ways to address these challenges is to expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Doubled by the 2017 tax reform, the CTC has become a lifeline for millions of parents, providing tax breaks and refunds of up to $2,000 per child.Last Friday, Congress took an important step We are working towards strengthening this credit ahead of its 2025 expiration. Comprehensive support means advocating for parents to have the resources their children need to thrive.

Increasing the child tax credit to support young families is common sense, bipartisan, and popular policy that promises to have a lasting impact on the lives of millions of families. Leading pro-life voices sent a letter to Congressional leadership this week. We are calling for the expansion of this family affirmation benefit to be prioritized.

Since Dobbs’ decision, 32,000 more babies born In states that protect prenatal life, they deserve strong families supported by support services that help them thrive as individuals.

It’s up to the Senate to complete the important work passed in this week’s vote. When families take a leap of faith, make sure they and their children have the resources they need to rise up.

Tina Whittington is executive vice president of Students for Life of America/SFLAction. SFLAction operates over 1,400 of her groups in all 50 states. standing with you.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.



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