Who had a hit with a song first recorded by Gloria Jones? The Saturday quiz | Quiz and trivia games


1 What is currently being decided by the reporting committee of 5,100 households?
2 Who is Shakespeare’s title character whose name only appears in Act 1, Scene 9?
3 Which two U.S. companies have a market value of $3 trillion?
Four Who is claimed to have discovered the True Cross around AD326?
Five What is LIA in climate history?
6 Which country has the highest point on the equator?
7 What kind of fruit is the Cavendish that is threatened by Panama disease?
8 Who was the first song Gloria Jones recorded that became a worldwide hit?
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Jean Harlow. Marlene Dietrich. Reese Witherspoon. Ana de Armas?
Ten British Library (2); Lincoln Castle. Salisbury Cathedral?
11 “Elephant” by Kendra Heist. Mosaic by Eduardo Paolozzi. Mark Wallinger’s Labyrinth?
12 Blackpool; Dundee United. Luton Town; Netherlands; Shakhtar Donetsk?
13 Hans Larrivé. Airey Neave. Pat Reid. Hank Wardle?
14 Apollo. Comet; Fire; Fury; Giant. Legend; Nitro?
15 Australia; Fiji; Hawaii; New Zealand; Tuvalu?

Are you stumped by the Blackpool clues? Photo: David Pearce, London, UK/Getty Images


1 Number of TV viewers (Barb).
2 Coriolanus.
3 Apple and Microsoft.
Four (St.) Helena (mother of Emperor Constantine).
Five Little Ice Age.
6 Ecuador (Cayambe).
7 banana.
8 Soft Cell (Dirty Love).
9 Blonde movie star: Platinum B; B Venus. Legally B; blonde.
Ten Location of the four original copies of Magna Carta.
11 London Underground artwork: Waterloo. Tottenham Court Road. Any station.
12 Soccer team playing in Orange/Tangerine.
13 Successfully escaped from Colditz.
14 Gladiator 2024 TV series.
15 A national flag (or state flag) incorporating the Union Jack.