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World Will Divide into ‘Elite’ and a ‘Useless Class’

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“Historian” Yuval Noah Harari, big ally of World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab, said in a clip that has again resurfaced that the world is moving toward having an “elite” of “superhumans” and a “a new massive useless class.” It’s the ultra utilitarian mindset—if you don’t meet our arbitrary standards of benefiting us, you have no worth. That is what a lack of faith in God and the soul gets you.

It is worth noting that Schwab described the Fourth Industrial Revolution (to which Harari also seems to be referring below) as “fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds.” So, for instance, lab-grown designer babies or microchips embedded in your brain. Also, WEF described the world WEF and the United Nations want to create by 2030 as a world where you “Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better,” where everything you say, do, and even think is recorded and you cannot so much as borrow cooking utensils from anyone but the government.

In the above clip, Harari says, “On the one hand, the emergence of a new upgraded elite of superhumans, enhanced by bioengineering and brain-computer interfaces and things like that.” This is transhumanism, whose famous adherents include Harari, Schwab, and Elon Musk—the idea that humans can be “improved” through gene editing, brain microchips, and other technology (moral or spiritual improvement not included). Harari went on, “And on the other hand a new, massive, useless class, a class that has no military or economic usefulness, and therefore also no political power.” WEF partners with businesses and governments around the world, particularly with the imperially ambitious and genocidal Chinese Communist Party, to bring about one world government. Never mind the fact that plumbers, carpenters, and waiters are far more useful and essential than lying academics and corrupt politicians.

These globalists literally do want to kill off massive amounts of the world’s population. Bill Gates, for instance, said in 2010 that he hoped to reduce world population by at least 10% to 15%, including through “reproductive health” (i.e. contraception and abortion) and vaccines; and a WEF expert laughingly confessed in 2019 that he wanted “less souls” on the planet. Also, of course, the people these globalists consider valuable are all the most pernicious individuals; while anyone who is not part of their elite set is considered worthless and expendable.

The truly “useless” people are parasites like Harari, Schwab, and Gates. But, unlike them, we don’t believe in murdering those who happen to disagree with us.

This article was published by Pro Deo et Libertate and is reproduced with permission.


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