World’s oldest forest found in New York’s Catskill Mountains

Wood, do you believe it?

Scientists have confirmed the existence of the world's oldest surviving forest. And this ancient secret spot is just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

First discovered at the bottom of an abandoned quarry near the town of Cairo in the Catskill Mountains in 2009, a team of British and American scientists now knows the exact age of plants and trees growing in the area. I have been working towards this. Dating back 385 million years, it hides the ancient fossilized secrets of this woodland.

Researchers from the State University of New York at Binghamton and Cardiff University in Wales are excited to have discovered evidence of very early plants, some of which “dinosaurs would have seen”. BBC reported.

Located just over a two-hour drive from New York City's George Washington Bridge, this forest once spanned about 400 miles. Scientists have focused their research on an area about half the size of a soccer field.

Rocks containing fossils dating back 385 million years have been discovered in a scenic mountain area. Brand Bolding –

“The Cairo ruins are very special,” Christopher Berry, a paleobotanist at Cardiff University, told Science in 2019. You can stand on the surface of the quarry and reconstruct in your imagination a living forest around you. ”

Berry and his colleagues have been studying fossilized plants and trees in the area for years to make their case.

The New York location joins an elite group of OGs in more remote regions, including the Amazon rainforest and the forests of Yakushima, Japan.

Those looking to visit exact locations will be disappointed, at least for the time being. The quarry is owned by the City of Cairo and is currently strictly reserved for scientific research in consideration of the preservation of the area.

Although the site is currently closed to the public, it is surrounded by a wealth of beautiful scenery.
Although the site is currently closed to the public, it is surrounded by a wealth of beautiful scenery. demerzel21 –

However, there is much more to see in this area. The ski slopes at Windham Mountain and the trendy shops and restaurants of Hudson City are both just minutes away, and the Catskills Park's hiking trails are close to Cairo.

The Cairo ruins are not the only very old discoveries in the area. Another forest ruin was previously discovered at nearby Gilboa, and its origins predate the current crown site by just three years.



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