Xi Jinping a ‘Son of Mao’s Spirit’

Communist mass murderer Mao Zedong was the bloodiest man in history with “the most deadly ideology conceived in the history of the world” and “embraced evil on all sides” — and his successor Xi Jinping faithfully We are following in that footsteps, said Stephen, a renowned academic. W. Mosher asserts in his new book: The Devil and Communist China: From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping.

President Mosher is Population Research Institute One of America’s leading social scientists focused on communist China, he explores the spiritual depths of Maoism in his latest book. devil and communist china Not only the extraordinary death mark left by Mao Zedong, but also the Great Leap Forward alone. killed It is anti-religion that drives him, 45 million people. This book is in many ways a sequel to his book published in 2017. the bully Asia, This study examines the lesser-discussed totalitarian ideology of ancient China, legalism, and how Qin Qin’s desire to have complete control over the lives of all his subjects was independent of the arrival of Marxism to China. Focused on what inspired Mao Zedong.

In his latest book, Mosher explores how Mao arrived at communism and how he married legalism and Marxism, but it goes beyond political history to explore the diabolical It explores how spiritual beliefs, animism, and paganism influenced Mao Zedong’s hatred of Christianity and his dismantling of Buddhism and Confucianism. , and other local belief systems. Mosher told Breitbart News this week that far from being a dry historical account of events, there are many ways to understand Chinese communism today, as Xi Jinping uses the same blueprint to tighten his grip on China. I explained why I think this theological approach is necessary.

In this file photo taken on Monday, May 2, 2011, performers take to the stage near a photo of Mao Zedong at the Red Classic Restaurant in Beijing, China, which taps into nostalgia for China’s past. (Ng Han Guan, File/AP)

“When I look at him [Mao] Viewed through the lens of natural law, which is imprinted in the heart of every human being, it was clear not only from his actions but also from his words that in his youth he embraced evil in all its aspects. Mosher told Breitbart News. “He rose to power by betraying all those closest to him, and ultimately the Chinese themselves.”

In his book, Mosher shares a remarkable anecdote about Mao Zedong’s mother bowing to a stone spirit as a child in honor.

“When Mao was three years old, his mother consecrated him to a spirit believed to dwell in a monolith outside the village,” Mosher told Breitbart News. “She made him prostrate before the monolith and renamed him “Third Son of Stone.” He was very proud of the name and often used it to refer to himself. ”

“Is it just a coincidence that he grew up to be a man with a heart of stone when it came to his feelings for his fellow man?” he asked.

Mosher said Mao Zedong was the classic “model” of what a tyrant should be in China, which is why his shadow looms so large in world politics decades after his death. did.

“No one has guided Mao Zedong better than China’s current leader, Xi Jinping. Xi may not be Mao’s physical son, but he is Mao’s spiritual son and a hideous master of deceit and intrigue.” he told Breitbart News.

People watch a video featuring Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Military Museum in Beijing, March 3, 2024. (GREG BAKER/AFP)

Mr. Xi began imitating Mao Zedong almost immediately, announcing a “mass-line” purge of “corrupt” rivals within the Communist Party within a year of taking over the country’s leadership, and targeting non-Han ethnic groups, most notably the Uyghurs. carried out genocide against ethnic Kazakhs. , Kyrgyz people in occupied East Turkestan. But Mr. Xi has also taken actions clearly intended to erase Mao Zedong, including writing himself into China’s constitution to replace him and his successor Deng Xiaoping. Replace Maoism with “Xi Jinping Thought” in important communist documents. He uses state propaganda to proclaim himself to be equal to or better than Mao Zedong. and violently persecuted fervent Maoists who openly protested Xi’s pandering to his wealthy elite friends.

“Because Mr. Xi emulates Mao Zedong, he is doing everything in his power to replace Mao Zedong in the minds of the Chinese people as the great savior,” Mosher told Breitbart News. “By the end of his life, Mao Zedong had eliminated in some way almost every other senior leader of the Chinese Communist Party.”

“He unleashed the Red Guards on Party critics like Liu Shaoqi and General Peng Dehuai, torturing and killing them. “I blamed him for his terrible death,” Mosher recalled.

“Similarly, Xi Jinping has eliminated or eliminated all other senior leaders, eliminated factions from within the party, and stands alone at the pinnacle of power,” he continued. “Recent statements have omitted references to Marx, Lenin, and even Mao Zedong, making Mr. Xi’s ideas the party’s sole guiding principle. The cult of Mr. Xi continues, even from beyond the grave. , does not prevent competition.”

Mosher said it is critical to understand Mao Zedong’s political and spiritual legacy and its influence on Xi Jinping, because “people need to understand that we are already at war with the Chinese Communist Party.” “There is,” he claims. [Chinese Communist Party] In every area except kinematics, China is winning. “China is at war with us in cyberspace, relentlessly attacking both public and private computer networks,” Mosher said. “In releasing the new coronavirus to the world, the Chinese Communist Party launched a biological weapons attack against the United States. China continues to wage chemical warfare against us using fentanyl.” They are using social media platforms like TikTok to wage a fifth-generation war on the minds of our youth. I am doing it.”

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He concluded with the following warning: “Communism cannot be contained. It can only be defeated.”
“Right now, we’re not firing bullets at each other. But the Chinese government is constantly threatening not only to attack Taiwan violently, but also to U.S. allies like Japan and the Philippines,” Mosher said. said. “China sees this as a ‘you die, I live’ struggle, a fight to the death. The United States would be well advised to view it in a similar light.”

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