Yankees’ Anthony Rizzo struggles with rare two-error game in loss

CLEVELAND — Anthony Rizzo committed four errors in 92 games last season and is typically a static first baseman.

But the Yankees veteran, a four-time Gold Glove Award winner, had an unusual day Sunday, making two defensive errors in an 8-7 loss to the Guardians at Progressive Field.

This brings his total to four errors through 16 games this season.

Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo committed an error in the bottom of the second inning against Cleveland on Sunday. Getty Images

“[He’s] It was OK,” manager Aaron Boone said. “Usually he’s a very good guy. He probably didn’t scoop a few pitches at first like he normally would. But I think it was just a few plays. Same elite defense as always. I look forward to it.”

Neither error resulted in a run, but it did force Nestor Cortes to pitch extra on a day when he lasted no more than four innings on 94 pitches.

Rizzo hit a two-run homer in the 10th inning to give the Yankees a 7-5 lead, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Guardians.

Rizzo’s first error came in the first inning when he dropped a low throw from third baseman Oswaldo Cabrera.

Then, in the second inning, he hit a ground ball to the right by Andres Jimenez, but even if Rizzo had hit it cleanly at first, it would have been a close game for Cortez to cover.

“We have a lot of special players in the infield, especially at first base, guys like Platinum Glove winner Anthony Rizzo,” Aaron Judge said in the bottom of the 10th inning, when Gleyber Torres and Anthony Volpe hit two more. After making a defensive mistake, he said: . “Some days like today, we have to learn from it and move on. Everybody on this team knows that one of our strengths is our infield defense and what they can do. I think so, so we have to move on.”

Nestor Cortés is known for pulling off some tricks, but this was a first for him.

When he threw to Jimenez at 0-2 in the second inning, Cortez stalled mid-throw, but added a pump fake and then threw a sweeper, which Jimenez blocked with a foul.

“When I go out there, I don’t really have anything planned,” Cortez said. “That’s kind of what I came up with in this moment. I thought it was kind of interesting and worked well for me.”

Due to Cortes’ high pitch count, he was ejected from the game after four innings.

The Guardians fouled 26 pitches, but the left-hander also said he tried to manipulate the corners too much and didn’t make enough early contact on plays.

“I thought I was out of gas,” Boone said.

DJ LeMahieu’s rehabilitation mission could begin by the end of this week.

The veteran third baseman will remain in Toronto for three consecutive games against the Yankees, but Boone indicated LeMahieu may play in rehab games after returning to the Bronx.

“I think that’s very likely,” Boone said. “When I get back from Toronto, I think that’s probably going to play into it.”

LeMahieu has been sidelined since March 16 when he fouled a ball on his right leg and suffered a nondisplaced fracture.

Austin Wells grounded out and threw to first base before Sunday’s game.

The rookie catcher impressed the Yankees with his defense as part of a combination with Jose Trevino, but now with Cabrera handling day-to-day third base duties, the Yankees have a backup first baseman behind Rizzo. There is no one.