Young Black Men Haven’t Seen Crime, Policing Addressed How They Wanted Under Biden

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” broadcast Friday, CNN senior political commentator and former Obama aide Van Jones discussed President Joe Biden’s Commencement Address at Morehouse College and the people he will be speaking to. “When it comes to police, we are thinking about our own problems,” he said. When it comes to street violence, reforms have not been given as much force as they had hoped. ”

“He’s speaking to the next generation of leaders in our community, and he has to understand that people are hurting and worried,” Jones said. They’re struggling to make ends meet, and these young people don’t have a lot of trust in the Democratic Party right now. He simply cannot give a general message. African American men, in particular, feel that they are not being directly discussed and that their issues are not being given as much power as they would like when it comes to police reform and street violence. Therefore, he has a skeptical audience. He has to convince them, he has to talk to them directly, what he plans to do for them in the future and why he needs their help now. If he does that, I think he’ll do well, but if he gives a speech that just talks about Donald Trump and makes a lot of money, I don’t think he’ll do well. ”

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