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Zelensky, Western Leaders Reject Putin Proposals at Swiss Peace Summit

Western leaders have rejected President Vladimir Putin’s ceasefire framework, but have backed Ukraine’s demand that all territory seized by Russia be returned as the basis for a potential peace agreement.

The first annual World Peace Summit, held in the Swiss luxury resort of Bürgenstock, ended without Moscow’s representatives and essentially with the status quo ante. Ukraine continues to demand that Russia cede territory in its east and Crimea as a precondition for real peace talks to begin, but that is likely to be a sticking point for President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, which was attended by around 100 representatives from 92 countries and eight international organizations, President Zelenskyy claimed that all participants agreed that Ukraine’s “territorial integrity” must be preserved, Ukrinform reported. Reports.

Ukraine failed to retake occupied territories in Donbas in a counteroffensive last year, but President Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, said: Said He stated clearly that in any peace negotiations with Russia “there will be no compromise on independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Before the summit, President Vladimir Putin said Russia was ready to agree to a ceasefire and potential peace with Ukraine if Kiev withdrew its forces from ethnically Russian areas currently claimed by Russia, citing an internationally debated referendum in those territories on whether they should join Russia.

Putin also called on Ukraine to abandon its ambitions to join the US-led NATO military alliance, state media RT reported. ReportsMoscow also proposed a “pan-European security system” in which all countries on the European continent, including Ukraine, would be protected. To this end, Putin said all foreign military operations in Ukraine must be stopped.

These demands were rejected by Western leaders attending the Swiss summit. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Said “Everyone knows this is a non-serious proposal, but it is connected to the ongoing peace conference in Switzerland. At the same time, Putin also showed what he is really interested in: typical imperialist territorial conquest,” according to Kiev state media outlet Ukrinform.

“To this end, he deployed enormous military force, waged a brutal war, and accepted the deaths and serious injuries of hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers in service of his imperialistic dreams.”

This sentiment is shared by other European leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron. To tell He said peace did not mean “the surrender of Ukraine,” adding, “That is why a prerequisite is to support Ukraine in resisting this aggression, since there is one aggressor and one victim.”

Meanwhile, British Chancellor Rishi Sunak accused Putin of “spreading a false narrative about his willingness to negotiate”, the BBC reported. Reports.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “Freezing the conflict at this stage while foreign forces are occupying Ukrainian territory is not a solution… in fact it is an invitation to a future war of aggression.”

“A just and fair peace is important for Ukraine, and Ukraine should be able to act in its own interests without following any orders from President Putin,” she explained.

The summit in Switzerland came after G7 leaders agreed to use interest on $325bn (£256bn) of assets seized by Russia to pay $3bn a year in interest on the $50bn of international loans Ukraine took out to fund its war.

Additionally, the Biden administration signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement with Ukraine on Thursday, committing the United States to continuing to provide weapons and military training for at least the next decade.

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