Zoos keep up Valentine’s Day tradition of naming cockroaches and animals after exes and loved ones

Unusual situations continue at zoos across the country valentine’s day There is a tradition of naming animals and creatures after ex-lovers, some of which end up in the natural food chain unhappily.

If you’re looking to find a symbolic way to bounce back from a previous flare-up, benefit a zoo ambassador, or spend your Valentine’s Day with a spooky sense of humor, wildlife facilities are hosting naming campaigns. Here are some.

The name of the Bronx Zoo is Cockroach.

Chicago area zoo continues Valentine’s Day theme of naming cockroaches after exes and loved ones

New York’s Bronx Zoo is bringing back its “Name a Cockroach” campaign for Valentine’s Day.

The program, launched in 2011, allows zoo visitors to name a Madagascar cockroach for $15 (including a digital certificate). Cockroach names don’t have to be limited to ex-lovers.

The Bronx Zoo is encouraging customers to name cockroaches after a friend or loved one.

Orders will be accepted online until February 8th, and on February 14th, recipients of Valentine’s Day gifts will be notified of the insect named after them.

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To make Valentine’s Day even more fun, the zoo has added a variety of new gift sets, including stuffed cockroaches and cockroach socks. For $35, recipients of the cockroach can meet the namesake Madagascan hissing cockroach in a “Valentine’s Virtual Encounter.”

“Naming cockroaches is a Valentine’s Day tradition for us. Roses and chocolates come and go, but cockroaches last forever, just like our love!” Bronx Zoo website It was written as follows.

Brookfield Zoo Names a Cockroach After Your Ex: Not Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois is bringing back its annual “Name a Cockroach After Your Ex” campaign. “This campaign is called the ‘Unhappy Valentine’s Day’ event for that not-so-special (or special) someone in your life,” according to facility marketing materials.

For $15, Valentine’s Day observers can name a hissing cockroach from Madagascar. After purchase, customers will receive a naming certificate with their donation receipt that they can display as a reminder that the cockroach has your name.

This donation will allow the purchaser to be featured on the Brookfield Zoo’s Cockroach Naming Committee outside the Hamill Family Play Zoo on February 14th.

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Only the first name is displayed for each named cockroach. Personal messages will also be removed from the board, but customers will have the opportunity to write a personal note on the certificate they receive with their donation receipt.

Zoos across the country are continuing an unconventional Valentine’s Day tradition of allowing visitors to name animals and creatures after ex-lovers. (St. Petersburg)

Brookfield Zoo plans to share photos of the cockroach naming committee on the zoo’s social media pages. If you want to ensure your designated cockroach gets on the board in time, you must enter your donation and submission on his website at the zoo by February 5, 2023 at 5:00 PM CST.

San Antonio Zoo’s “Cry Me a Roach” fundraiser

The San Antonio Animal Society in Texas is bringing back its annual “Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser.”

Zoo visitors ages 18 and older can name a cockroach for $10, a frozen rat for $25, or a vegetable for $5, and the San Antonio Zoo offers the chance to name a true heartbreak that shatters your past. “He will be a healer. We are leaving the choice to our animal residents,” the zoo’s marketing team said online.

The San Antonio Zoo says customers are free to name cockroaches, rodents and vegetables after “an ex-partner, boss or best friend.”

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Each donation goes to support the San Antonio Zoo and its conservation efforts. Participants in the fundraiser will receive a downloadable digital Valentine’s Day card confirming their participation in the “Cry Me a Cockroach” event.

Lehigh Valley Zoo Catch and Release

A “catch and release” event is being held at the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania.

Zoo visitors can name a fish after “a former boss, a bad boss, a nosy neighbor, etc.” Then watch as the zoo’s popular penkins are fed.

A $15 donation is required for each fish. This supports Lehigh Valley Zoo’s conservation and animal enrichment efforts. Additional donations are also welcome.

“Instead of feeling depressed that your first ‘bite’ wasn’t love, turn your heartbreak into ‘the ultimate treat’!” the zoo’s publicity team shared on its website.


On Valentine’s Day, February 14, the zoo will send customers a link to a video of the moment an African penguin devours his ex-girlfriend.

Valentine’s Day Alternative Zoo Activities

If naming the insects and animals you feed doesn’t appeal to you, the zoo also hosts Valentine’s Day events that may be more uplifting.

Check your local zoo’s list of upcoming events to see what’s happening in your area.

Other Valentine’s Day celebrations at the zoo include unique dining experiences, sweetheart packages, iconic animal adoptions, personalized messages, and more.

Courtney Moore contributed reporting.

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