14-year-old active shooter shot and killed by police before he could enter middle school, Wisconsin police say

wisconsin state police Said The threat of an active shooter was “neutralized” before he entered the middle school with a rifle.

Police responded to reports of an active shooter at Mount Horeb Middle School in Dane County around 12:30 p.m. local time.

School officials reassured parents that no students were hurt and that the suspect did not enter the school entrance. Schools in the Mount Horeb Area School District were placed on strict lockdown after reports of a gunman.

A witness who worked about a block away from the school said he heard multiple gunshots and saw dozens of students running away.

“I thought it was fireworks. I went outside and saw all the kids running,” Gene Keller told The Associated Press, adding, “I probably saw 200 kids. ”

Parents who heard about the lockdown were desperately trying to find their children.

“As we speak, one of our daughters is still in middle school, and all we know is that some kids want to shoot guns,” parent Brittany Rodriguez said. He spoke movingly in an interview with WISN-TV.

“My baby is crying at work and I get a phone call saying there’s a gunfight going on and I’m scared, and I’m 30 minutes away from my baby!” she added.

Later, the people involved Confirmed The suspect was said to be a student at the junior high school. Mount Horeb police also said they shot the student and that he was wearing an active body camera at the time.

Another parent said their children were leaving school when the shooting occurred.

“There are students who literally left the middle school five minutes before the shooting happened,” said Melissa Alvarado. told WMTV-TV.. “My other student was on this side of the school when the shots were fired and said all the teachers were yelling at the kids to run to the other side of the school, and it was about 30 minutes later,” she said. I got a call and was told the door was barricaded. ”

Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers releases brief statement About the shooting on social media.

“I have been briefed on the incident at Mount Horeb Regional School District and am closely monitoring the situation,” he posted. “I am praying for the health and safety of our children, educators, and staff, and I am grateful to the first responders who responded quickly.”

School officials credited the school with taking safety measures to prevent substances considered a threat from entering the school.

Details of this incident are as follows:

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