2024 Oscars Lavish Nominees with Gift Bags Worth 3x the Average American’s Income

With only the Academy Awards ceremony left, attendees at the event are busy worrying about dresses and tuxedos and finalizing their acceptance speeches.

But you don’t have to worry about the gift bag getting stiff, because this year’s prizes have soared to the equivalent of about $180,000, even though the average American earns less than half that amount.

Its hefty price tag has soared beyond the price of recent swag bags. For example, last year’s gift bag cost a modest $126,000.

Meanwhile, according to federal data, National average income Fourth quarter 2023 U.S. sales were $59,384. That’s a third of the value of this year’s Oscar gifts.

Swag bags in 2024 are also relative value. $137,000 However, the value of the bag in 2020 is a whopping $225,000, which is lower than the $205,000 in 2021.

This year’s gift bag is called the “Everyone Wins” bag. – Luxury skin care products, a free trip to Switzerland, a return trip to the tropical paradise of St. Barts in the Caribbean, a 7-day “wellness” retreat, chocolates, drinks and other food products, plus appliances like grills and wine coolers and refrigerators. Also included.

Rush Fairley, founder of marketing firm Distinctive Assets, which organizes souvenir giveaways, insisted the bag’s high value was not the “focus”.

“This gift bag is worth six figures, as always.” Farley said, “That’s not our focus or goal. Just as A-list actors don’t ‘need’ millions of dollars to go on a movie set, these gifts are a great way for these candidates to be on the brand.” Awarded based on the precious Stardust that can be given to. ”

She added that the focus is on “small businesses, minority-owned brands, women entrepreneurs, and corporations” who are giving away giveaways to the stars.

This year, stars can expect a THOR Kitchen 45-bottle wine refrigerator (retail price: $1,800), a Schwank portable grill (retail price: $1,250), and a BlendQuik blender (retail price: $80), according to Business Insider.

More expensive properties include the five-star Swiss chalet Zermatt Peak, valued at $50,000. Also included is his three-night stay in a luxury villa on Saint-Barthélemy and his seven-day wellness program at Golden Door California.

$10,000 worth of cosmetics, Antigua Cruz Añejo Cristalino Tequila, Gin Bossy Limited Edition Original Gin, edible cans of Poparazzi Luxe popcorn, Eleve Sparkling Water, Feccia Chocolates, Karma Nuts. Many foods and drinks are also sold, including cashew cookies.

The IRS and California Department of Revenue also receive a portion of the monetary value of your gift. Last year, when a celebrity brought home an entire bag of stolen goods, the agency charged a total of $79,000 in taxes on the items inside the bag.

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