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28 Trapped Upside Down When Oregon Amusement Park’s Ride Malfunctioned

An amusement park ride in Portland, Oregon, malfunctioned on Friday, leaving dozens of people trapped upside down hundreds of feet in the air for more than 20 minutes.

The Atmosphere ride at Oaks Amusement Park shut down just before 3 p.m. and park staff immediately called 911, the park said in a statement, NBC News. report Saturday.

Emergency crews arrived about 20 minutes later but took several minutes to remove the vehicles and free the trapped people.

Video footage taken from a distance show People were shocked and stared in disbelief as the vehicle stopped moving.

“Portland Fire Rescue said all passengers were medically evaluated. The park said one person with a pre-existing condition was taken to the hospital for further testing as a precaution,” the NBC article noted. “The other passengers were released at the park by medical staff.”

Daniel Allen and Jordan Harding were in the car at the time of the accident. Harding Said They realized something was wrong when the ride came to a halt leaving them upside down, according to KTVZ.

They were terrified, she said, and people nearby were crying and speaking what they thought would be their final words.

“I prayed, even though I’m not religious. I never thought I’d live to this moment,” she said.

The young woman hugged the firefighters after being rescued and said it was such a relief to be back on the ground again, as she wasn’t sure if she would ever make it back.

“Just lying upside down for 25 minutes. This is something I never expected. It’s unbelievable,” Allen said.

Video footage taken during the ride show Swinging back and forth high in the air:

John Harrell with Portland Fire Rescue told KOIN that his crews have trained on how to extricate people from vehicles if an incident like this were to occur.

In conclusion, NBC reports, “The ride will remain closed until further notice. Oaks Park said it will work with the manufacturer and state inspectors to determine the cause of the ride’s malfunction.”