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Alexander Brothers Face New Rape Allegations From Nearly 30 More Women

The legal battle facing the Alexander brothers, prominent real estate heirs, is intensifying after about 30 more people filed complaints against them, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

The initial lawsuit, accusing Aron and Oren Alexander of rape, opened the door for a wave of further lawsuits. according to Evan Torgan, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, told the New York Post he had spoken to about 15 people who said they were raped by one or both of the brothers in various locations, including New York City and South Beach.

According to the outlet, the lawsuit details shocking cases in which the plaintiffs allegedly suffered violent sexual assaults under coercive circumstances. One of the plaintiffs, Kate Whiteman, claims in the lawsuit that she was kidnapped by her brother in 2012, taken to a lavish party in the Hamptons, and sexually assaulted in a spacious bedroom owned by banking heir and recording artist Ivan Wilzig, known for his flamboyant style.

Another plaintiff, Rebecca Mandel, claimed she met the twins at a Meatpacking District club in 2010 and was drugged and raped at their apartment, The New York Post reported. The allegations also had a major impact on the brothers’ professional lives: After the allegations piled up, one of the brothers resigned from his position at a company he co-founded.

WATERMILL, NY – JULY 3: Oren Alexander and Aron Alexander at Hamptons Castle in Water Mill, NY on July 3, 2011. (Photo by Stephen Henry/Getty Images, courtesy of Sir Ivan)

“I am proud of what we’re doing here,” Torgan said in a statement to the New York Post, “and proud of all those who have come forward with their stories, especially Kate Whiteman and Rebecca Mandel, who have been so brave.” (Related article: Prominent psychiatrist sued over rape and human trafficking allegations)

The brothers’ lawyer, Jim Ferraro, denied the allegations, saying the lawsuit was brought for financial gain.

“I am confident that this issue will be resolved. [their] “We believe we have a strong and comprehensive body of evidence that clearly refutes these allegations, including phone records, text messages, emails and other documents, which will prevail,” he said in an earlier statement to the New York Post.