Apple’s new iOS 18 feature for apps has users worried it will allow people to easily ‘cheat’

Apple has announced new features for its upcoming iOS 18 version, but some are worried they could make it easier for their partners to cheat.

Users will be able to lock or hide apps on their iPhone home screen once a new update is released in the US this fall, Apple announced on Monday after its Worldwide Developers Conference at Apple Park in California.

The company says the feature is intended to help people keep their banking apps private and prevent their kids from accessing certain apps, like Amazon, to make unplanned purchases.

Apple has announced new features for its upcoming iOS 18 version, but some are worried they could make it easier for their partners to cheat. NurPhoto via Getty Images

“Users can now lock apps and, for added privacy, can also hide them by moving them into a locked, hidden apps folder,” the company said. share.

“When an app is locked or hidden, content within the app, like messages and emails, is hidden from searches, notifications, and other places across the system.”

But not everyone is on board with Apple’s vision, with some worried it could give loved ones an opportunity to cheat.

Hiding apps on your iPhone is already easy by disabling the ability to find them in Siri Suggestions or burying them deep in a folder, but a new feature in iOS 18 adds yet another layer of protection for would-be cheaters.

However, the new Hidden Apps feature will allow users to hide app icons and names on the home screen and pause notifications.

“Locked and hidden apps give users peace of mind that information they want to keep private, like app notifications and content, can’t be accidentally seen by others,” Apple said on Monday.

A new update released in the US this fall will allow users to lock or hide apps on their iPhone’s home screen. apple

“Users can now lock apps and, for even more privacy, can also hide apps by moving them to a locked, hidden apps folder.”

However, if you create a “Hidden Apps” folder, it will appear as such on your home screen.

Apple users can also lock apps that are already programmed into their phone, such as Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos, and Safari.

These apps can be set to open only with Face ID.

The new feature drew some interesting reactions on X immediately after its announcement on Monday.

“iOS 18 and the new iPhones are going to make these people cheat like crazy… this is crazy. Relationships are over,” posted one X user.

“I’m sure iOS 18 will help people cheat,” another user wrote.

“iOS 18 is going to turn die-hard cheating Android users into iPhones,” joked another user.

Apple has also announced that the new iOS 18 update will let users customize their iPhone home screen, allowing them to rearrange icons however they like, unlike the current grid system that the company has used since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.

The update includes Apple Intelligence, a new AI-powered system that responds to prompts, creates new text and images, and solves user problems. apple

Users can also change the color of the app icon to their liking.

The tech giant also revealed that the update will include Apple Intelligence, a new AI-powered system that can respond to prompts, create new text and images, and solve user problems.

Apple Intelligence will include a rewrite tool to help users rephrase tricky messages, which can be tailored to sound friendly, professional or concise, depending on the user’s message.

“OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now integrated into Siri and our writing tools, so you can get even more expertise when it’s helpful — no need to jump between tools,” the company said.

As for images, “Apple Intelligence enables fun new ways to express yourself visually. Create your own fun, original images and new Genmojis.”

“Using Image Wand we’ll convert your rough sketches into relevant images that complement your notes, then we’ll create a custom memory movie based on the description you provide.”