Australian Taekwondo instructor allegedly killed student, 7, and child’s parents

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An Australian taekwondo instructor has been charged with killing a 7-year-old student and the boy’s parents, inflicting stab wounds on their bodies before they arrived at the hospital, police said.

Homicide Superintendent Daniel Doherty announced that Kwang Kyung Yoo, owner of the Lions Taekwondo and Martial Arts Academy, will be charged with three counts of murder.

Mr Doherty said the killing was discovered after Mr Yu, known to students as Master Lion, was admitted to a Sydney hospital on Monday night with “stab wounds or cuts” to his chest, stomach and arms. Mr. Yoo told police that he was attacked in a supermarket parking lot.

Police said Yoo killed his young student and the boy’s mother, Min Cho, 41, at the academy after class on Monday, then drove to his home and killed the boy’s father, Cho’s husband Stephen Cho. (39) was killed. .

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A Taekwondo instructor allegedly murdered a 7-year-old student at his academy and the boy’s parents, leaving him in hospital with stab wounds to his body. (AP)

Police have not officially released the victim’s name, but the boy’s parents have been identified in media reports.

The body was discovered by police on Tuesday, and Yoo was arrested at the hospital.

A possible motive has not yet been revealed by police. Yoo and her three victims were all born in South Korea, and the boy was an ordinary taekwondo student.

“We’re still establishing what other relationships there were or…what other relationships there were or weren’t,” Doherty said. Told.

A mother and son were strangled to death, and the father was stabbed to death, according to police sources cited in media reports. The cause of Yu’s injuries has not yet been determined.

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Australian authorities have announced that Lions Taekwondo and Martial Arts Academy owner Kwan Kyung Yu will be charged with three counts of murder. (AP)

“Not only was the situation tragic, but the outcome was devastating. We have just lost three lives from a family,” Doherty said.

According to reports, Yoo drove the woman’s BMW sedan from the academy to her family’s home, killed the man, and then used the BMW sedan to transport herself to the hospital.

Mr Doherty said the instructor had undergone surgery for his wounds and understood he was under arrest.


“There [were] From the information we’ve gathered so far, there was no warning,” Dougherty said. “It happened out of the blue. It wasn’t forewarned or planned.”

The maximum sentence for someone convicted of murder in New South Wales is life imprisonment, with standard non-parole periods of 20 years for adult murder and 25 years for child murder.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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