Australian teen suspended from Melbourne Grammar School after drenching boat passengers in milk

What happens happens, and this kid quickly realized.

A young prankster has been suspended from his $20,000-a-year school amid a weeks-long investigation for allegedly forcing a group of women on a boat to drink milk on January 27th.

The anonymous 16-year-old Australian boy was sentenced to “a combination of suspension and other disciplinary measures, compensation, an apology and counseling” after the stunt, which was viewed more than 32.6 million times. herald sun.

A boy was seen throwing milk at passengers on a go boat on the Yarra River. Instagram / Gidino Kidi

“Melbourne Grammar School remains firmly of the view that this behavior is completely unacceptable and has taken this matter with the utmost seriousness,” the school said in a statement.

The boy uploaded footage on his Instagram account ‘giddynokiddy’ of the vile act in which he dumped milk on four women who were on a go boat on the Yarra River.

One of the alleged victims of the prank group posted a video shortly after being beaten, saying the group was celebrating a friend’s birthday.

“You booked a go boat for your friend’s birthday and the kid on the bridge above us poured us a whole bottle of milk 😭😭😭,” Veronica Burgess wrote in the post. TikTok video posted on January 27th.

A short video shows women sitting at picnic tables pouring fruit and snacks over milk, and someone can be heard saying, “It’s going to really stink.”

“I want to find the kid who ruined our day :),” Burgess captioned the video.

One of Burgess’ friends was seen trying to shake milk out of a Bluetooth speaker after a large amount of milk fell on the group.

Realizing how far he had come, the boy allegedly told others in the video to stop sending videos of his foul play to the school before he was eventually expelled. However, this video has now been deleted on TikTok.

A TikTok uploaded by Veronica Burgess shows milk being poured all over a woman’s belongings and snacks.

“Please stop contacting the school. The school has caught me and I’m at risk of expulsion. I can’t believe they would do this to a minor,” the boy reportedly wrote. herald sun.

Melbourne Grammar School was founded in 1858 and is proud to be “one of Australia’s leading independent schools” in the country, according to its website.

The school’s local annual tuition and boarding fees range from approximately $21,000 (USD) to $28,000, depending on grade.

“Why did you do this to me? You ruined my life with one day you ruined, you incited the antis, I was just a kid and you ruined my life I ruined it. It’s too far away,” the boy added.

Victoria Police also intervened and issued a warning to the boy for unlawful assault, as the school is conducting a private investigation into the matter.

The boy was unhappy that people sent videos of him doing evil acts to the school. Instagram / Gidino Kidi

A Victoria Police spokesperson said: “The incident has been completed.”

The boy’s prank caused a stir on the internet, with many blaming it for an “ongoing problem” in Melbourne.

“Who in the world would ever think I was going to go buy milk and ruin someone’s day?” said one outraged TikToker.

“It’s not kids who want to say they shouldn’t be blamed because they’re just kids,” another added.

“This is so sad! I hope it doesn’t ruin the rest of your day,” one person said, to which Burgess said the group “showered, washed their hair, and eventually continued on with their day.” I was able to do that,” he said.

The same TikTok user claimed to have experienced a similar prank when renting a GoBoat.

“This literally happened to me in Melbourne when we rented a go boat. Kids on the bridge threw water balloons at us. It was cold in the winter,” the user said. “But Go Boat refunded our money.”



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