Beloved NFL Star Jason Kelce Wants To Revive Classic Backyard Sports Gaming Franchise

Recently retired All-Pro Eagles center Jason Kelce has a great idea for bringing back backyard sports.

While not literally the idea of ​​playing a sport in your backyard, with the early rise in social media usage by kids and teens, I’m sure good old-fashioned stickball could make a comeback as well. But no, we’re talking about Pablo Sanchez. I’m talking about Keisha Phillips. Pete. Extremely. Wheeler.

For the uninitiated, Backyard Sports is an iconic computer game franchise from the ’90s that combines real-life stars of their respective sports with fictional children. Consider Joe Montana’s pass to Pablo Sanchez. Keisha Phillips throws a lob to Ken Griffey Jr. Now comes the news that Kelce wants to buy and revive the once glorious franchise.

“I don’t even know if I want to say this, because I have a secret — whether someone has the rights to ‘Backyard Football’ — and ‘Backyard Baseball.’ I was secretly looking into it because I wanted to buy it, and Backyard Baseball’ — and let’s get this thing back on track,” Kelce said on Wednesday’s episode. podcast new heights. (Related article: ‘I got drunk in a blackout’: NFL legend Jason Kelce chugs beer, shares how he felt when wife was with Taylor Swift)

“That was the best game ever,” he continued. “It was very emotional. Can you imagine playing soccer in your backyard with your phone now? It wasn’t that complicated because you can do all the work on your phone.”

“1000 percent,” his brother and co-host Travis agreed. “It wasn’t complicated,” the All-Pro tight end agreed.

Did you know, Jason? I can imagine playing it on a mobile phone. As a matter of fact, I can’t stop thinking about it. Forget Wordle, I’m talking pocket Backyard football. It almost brings tears to my eyes.



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