Biden and I Did Bash Trump’s Tariffs, But China Doesn’t Play Fair

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) responded to President Joe Biden’s remarks. advance criticism He criticized President Trump’s tariffs on China, saying China was not playing by the rules of the market and “I’m sure we’ve probably dealt a blow” to then-President Trump’s tariffs. of rules. ”

Co-host Joe Kernen brought up President Joe Biden’s criticism of President Trump’s tariffs in 2019, and Biden said, “Any freshman economics major can tell you that the American people are paying the tariffs.” ” he said. “The cashiers at Target understand what’s going on — they know more about the economy than Trump does,” he said, asking Warner if he thought Biden’s tariffs were the right decision.

Mr. Warner replied: “China is [market] Basics. “

Kernen then asked, “Did you criticize President Trump when he imposed tariffs on China?”

Warner replied: Maybe it was taken, but we also recognize that China plays by a different set of rules. Seeing China bring so many cheap EVs to the German and European markets, let’s see what the Germans will do too. ”

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