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Biden may be using taxpayer dollars to elect Democrats​

Early in his presidency, Biden issued an executive order to “advance and defend voting rights.”

Biden has called on all branches of the federal government to step in and instructed federal agencies to review voter registration, expand voting by mail and do all of this with the help of approved third parties.

“We don’t know who those organisations are, and we don’t know the details because they’re obstructing Congress.” Glenn Beck He points out and explains that in 2020, “third-party organizations” were “conditionally partisan.”

Biden has not yet told Congress specifically what the order aims to do, and he had the Justice Department block freedom of information requests just weeks before the midterm elections.

The Government Accountability Foundation reportedly called the executive order “an unconstitutional vote-building exercise funded by taxpayer dollars to benefit the president’s party.”

“So this is Zuckerberg’s money on government-funded steroids,” Glenn said.

Emails released by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project prove this, showing collaboration between approved third parties and the USDA.

“The Department of Agriculture, of all agencies, enlisted the assistance of this authorized third party to obtain information regarding state-level voter registration data,” Glenn said, reading a sentence from the website of the third party, Demos.

“They say they are ‘working to build a just, inclusive, multiracial democracy,'” Glenn read, adding, “Demos has worked at the intersection of democratic reform, economic justice and racial justice. Demos has moved progressive issues, like debt-free college education, from the movement to the mainstream.”

“This is our election partner,” Glenn says, surprised. “Does that sound nonpartisan?”

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