Biden’s lead in New York drops to single digits as Trump vows to win state

President Biden’s lead over former President Trump in New York state has narrowed to single digits, according to a Wednesday poll from Siena College.

Biden leads Trump with 47% of the vote. The former president received 38% of the vote. Last month, Biden led Trump 47% to 37%, but that gap has narrowed slightly.

But New York voters remain deeply polarized between the candidates, with 32% of voters saying a Biden victory would cause “irreparable damage to the United States,” while 41% said the same about a Trump victory.

The poll also found that just 18% of voters, including 16% to 19% of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, said they were confident the United States would survive and prosper regardless of the outcome.

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Former President Trump said his campaign would win in New York and that he would be exonerated in the criminal case against him in Manhattan. (Kamil Krzazinski/AFP via Getty Images)

Siena conducted a poll of 1,191 New York voters from May 13th to May 15th. The survey puts the margin of error at 3.9%.

The poll came as Trump has spent about a month in trial in Manhattan, giving statements to the press almost daily outside the courtroom. Trump has vowed to win not only his own case, but also the Empire State.

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“The criminal justice system is on trial in New York,” President Trump said Monday morning. “I love this state. I love its people. I’m running hard for New York.”

“I think we are We’re going to beat New York.,” he added.

president biden

A new poll shows President Biden’s lead in New York state has narrowed to single digits. (Hannah Baier/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A New York Times poll earlier this month showed Trump leading Biden in five of the six battleground states.

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President Trump leads Biden’s approval rating among registered voters is 49% to 42% in Arizona, 49% to 39% in Georgia, 49% to 42% in Michigan, 50% to 38% in Nevada, and Biden in Pennsylvania. is closing in on the president, 47% to 44%. Polls show him narrowly leading the state in Wisconsin, 47% to 45%.

The findings were similar when adding third-party and independent candidates to the list, including Democrats turned independents who are White House candidates. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Joe Biden, RFK Jr., Donald Trump

Former President Trump (inset, right) and President Biden (inset, left) have each sought to define Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as more similar to their opponents in the run-up to the November election. (Getty Images)


The longtime environmental activist and scion of one of the nation’s most storied political dynasties was garnering about 10% of the support across six states, with polls suggesting Kennedy was getting roughly equal support from both Biden and Trump.