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Bill Maher calls Steve-O’s request not to smoke ‘ridiculous’

It’s ridiculous that talk show host Bill Maher demands that stuntman and podcaster Steve O not smoke marijuana in front of the host during a taping because he is a former drug addict. said.

During an episode of “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!” in late March 2024, the podcaster tells entrepreneur Patrick Bett David that he plans to appear on Maher’s podcast, but the host will refrain from smoking marijuana. He said he asked Maher’s team if he could, but was told no.

“He said, ‘No, that’s a breach of contract,'” recalls Steve O., who has been sober for 16 years.

Almost two months later, Maher finally commented on the situation in a conversation with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. “That Steve-O guy was shooting at me in the press recently,” Maher said.

“It was disappointing…I don’t want to start a feud and I’m sorry he felt disrespected, but it’s ridiculous that anyone would think I should stop smoking weed just because I have a problem. “Then I’m sorry I can’t come here,” he reportedly said. variety.

Maher added that the show is “my rule” because it takes place at home, but added that she also has a separate show for serious, sober conversations.

“I already have another show, it’s called ‘Real Time.’ It’s on HBO, but it’s not really [with] pot. …This is different. This is just filming sex, and this is how I film sex. “This is an attempt to create the most real conversation we’ve ever had,” he told Hawke. If there wasn’t a camera here, and I even know where the camera is. Okay, so let’s remember that. ”

“I have no feud with any of these ‘Jackass’ people.” [guys]” Maher added. “I’ve seen all the movies. They’re interesting.”

Shortly after Steve-O’s initial comments, fans noticed that Maher had actually accepted a similar request on an episode of “Club Random” that aired a few weeks ago.

Maher told guests sheryl crow He said the university protesters were driving him crazy, and when asked what they had to say, he said, “That’s when you need a joint.”

“But I’m definitely not going to set it on fire, but can I have it?” Maher asked Crow.

“Yes, you can,” the singer replied.

Crowe then revealed that Maher had complied with her request to help save her singing voice for an upcoming performance.

“If I wasn’t singing tomorrow, I’d say cheer up that bad boy right now,” she added.

Maher expressed how happy he was to adapt for Crowe.

“For you guys, first I’m going to do this handstand, and it’s a little bit like running a marathon for the first time,” the host admitted.

“I know it’s hard. It’s hard. First of all, you’re wearing a suit jacket and you’re not smoking right now. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. You know I appreciate that,” Qrow repeated.

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