Boston University Grads Chant ‘USA’ as Protesters Disrupt Ceremony

Boston University graduates showed their patriotic side and fought back against several classmates who disrupted their graduation ceremony.

Anti-Israel demonstrators in caps and gowns were seen unfurling banners, while some of their allies heard They respond by chanting “America!” united states of america! united states of america! “

In another video posted to X, a crowd of anti-Israel demonstrators can be seen leaving the ceremony, and several people in the commencement crowd can also be heard shouting “USA”.

More than 50 students gathered report I was in the crowd of graduates coming out of the graduation ceremony.

I heard the voices of the protests. chanting“Disclosure. Divest. We will not stop, we will not rest.” Some people were seen walking around in picket lines.

Students at several universities across the country have protested pro-Israel commencement speakers and commencement ceremonies as a whole in protest of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, as well as protests against pro-Israel commencement speakers and commencement ceremonies as a whole, as well as protests from Israeli companies at their respective universities. asked to retreat.

At Duke University, several students walked out while comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who has been a vocal supporter of Israel, received an honorary degree and gave a commencement speech.

In early May, protesters disrupted graduation ceremonies on college campuses, including the University of Michigan; University of Utah. Columbia University canceled its main graduation ceremony, but some students wore zip ties and held placards to protest the graduation ceremonies of smaller departments. One demonstrator tore her diploma into pieces.

This comes after anti-Israel protests and encampments broke out on college and university campuses across the United States in support of the first encampment, which was set up at Columbia University on April 17. The day after the first anti-Israel encampment began at Columbia University. , several students were suspended and hundreds of protesters were arrested.

The first encampment was cleared, but another encampment was set up in its place, and New York City police officers raided the Columbia University campus in late April after protesters took over a campus building. It was left there until it was done.

Anti-Israel demonstrators made a variety of demands, including that the university withdraw from Israeli companies and other companies doing business with Israel, cancel school trips to Israel, and sever ties with Israeli universities. calling for a ceasefire in the war. He called for improved relations between Israel and Hamas and for the US government to stop arming Israel.