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Boyfriend falls asleep while girlfriend is pouring her heart out about her dad troubles

On Sunday morning, social media is buzzing with relationship drama, and it’s all about sleep, or lack thereof.

The post received over 1,000 reactions and over 300 comments in just three hours.

“My girlfriend was at a dinner party last night with some family friends,” wrote a person named “hellokittuh” on a Reddit page known as AITA (meaning “I’m an A-hole”). written by user.

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“The young women and their friends were discussing their relationships with their parents, and my girlfriend eventually realized how little she could relate to them,” the man wrote.

“Her friends clearly think highly of her father; [fondly] As I recall, my girlfriend and her father never had a strong relationship. ”

The woman was “sad that she didn’t share the same relationships and experiences with her father,” the man wrote to others, and his girlfriend wanted to rehash it in the middle of the night. (St. Petersburg)

He said the woman “felt sad that she didn’t share the same relationships and experiences with her father.”

The boyfriend added, “While she’s talking, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep (because it’s 3am), so I tell her goodnight because she’s already asleep.”

“She went to bed angry that I couldn’t say anything.”

He added: “She must have been angry that I fell asleep without saying anything. She said she should have at least comforted me, but I was really tired and fell asleep. ” he continued.

man with headache

A man on Reddit shared with others that he couldn’t stay awake at 3am when his girlfriend opened up about her struggles with her father. (St. Petersburg)

So he asked the others on stage if he had responded incorrectly.

According to the post, the top commenter who said “I agree” said, “The man was not wrong,” and about 2,000 people agreed with this.

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“It’s weird having that huge pile of trauma dumped on you at 3am,” said a user named “trick_boysenberry495.”

“She should have waited until the next day.”

The same commenter also said of her boyfriend, “He may feel guilty, but that doesn’t mean he’s to blame.”

reddit logo split

Amid the turmoil in the relationship, most Reddit users sympathized with the boyfriend. My girlfriend wanted to have a long, involved conversation at 3am about her problems with her father. (Getty Images/Images)

As for the woman, she said, “She may have been hurt by ‘what he did,’ but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of anything.”

The commenter concluded with the following words: “Human emotions are very difficult.”

“She can call him, but she can’t get mad if he falls asleep” at that hour.

Another respondent largely agreed with these sentiments, saying that the young man was not wrong: “I would argue that at 3 a.m., this is completely to be expected.” [behavior] For many people. “

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Another wrote: “Wouldn’t be able to stay up at 3am.”

In contrast, another person said, “I can’t stay awake after midnight.”


And another wrote: “10 for me…sheesh what are you guys doing lol.”

Another commenter took a completely different view and chimed in: “She can call him at that time, but she can’t be mad if he falls asleep.”

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