Brian Kelly thinks college football’s NIL system is ‘absolutely crazy’

Brian Kelly thinks college football without a salary cap is “absolutely crazy.”

The LSU football coach, once a household name for potential NFL vacancies, during one period compared college football’s new landscape in the world of the NIL and transfer portal to the pros. Friday interview with Mike Golic on “The Dan LeBatard Show”

He drew parallels between the contracts that LSU produced for likely top-10 draft picks Jaden Daniels and Malik Nabors in the NFL rookie salary bracket and what he faces in college recruiting. Painted.

“Look, Jaden Daniels, Malik Nabors, they’re all looking for rookie signing bonuses,” Kelly said, according to “You know, we’re recruiting high school seniors. They’re going for a freshman signing bonus. In the transfer portal, he’s going for a free-agent bonus. And then he’s on your roster. Those who are, want retention bonuses. So, look, it’s parallel. NIL money falls into three categories that the NFL pays, and we do the same. Unfortunately, we’re doing it without a salary cap, so that’s what’s really crazy.”

LSU head coach Brian Kelly wants to implement a salary cap in college football. Take screenshot via YouTube

Of course, Kelly Jumped from Notre Dame to LSU in 2021.did not mention anything about the salary cap for coaches or coaching staff.

Part of the impetus behind the NIL was that coaches were paid handsomely while “amateur” college athletes played for free.

Even the “problems” of national powerhouse LSU pale in comparison to the have-nots trying to compete in the NIL world.

“We don’t know what the numbers are going to be from year to year,” Kelly said. “I mean, college football is in a great situation. We know there’s a lot of money. The problem is, who knows what this is going to be like in a few years? And if somebody does, I Please let us know. But we just need to figure out how to limit this so we can move forward.”

Kelly said you need to be equipped with the answer to “How much is it?” This happened recently when I visited a recruit’s home.

Brian Kelly left in November 2021 to become LSU's head coach.
Brian Kelly left in November 2021 to become LSU’s head coach. AP

Previously, the emphasis was on “taking care of children.”

“Look, this is my 33rd year and my purpose is player development, player development and player relationships,” Kelly said. “And I can say to a parent, ‘I can help your son develop as a better husband, a better father, more technically and tactically.’ I can help him develop as a footballer. I can help him graduate. I don’t know what he is worth.. I don’t know. I don’t know what that number is. I can’t give you that. ”