Bronx mom arraigned on murder charges for deaths of 5-year-old twins

The mother accused of suffocating her 5-year-old twins, who were found vomiting and foaming at the mouth in their Bronx apartment late last year, will appear before a judge Friday on murder charges. did.

Gloria Asamoah, 42, looked a little stunned as she arrived at Bronx Supreme Court wearing an orange prison jumpsuit for her arraignment before Judge Brenda Rivera.

Asamoah was initially detained in a psychiatric ward, but was remanded without bail during a hearing.

Earlier this week, she was charged with one count of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder, first-degree and second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of her son and daughter George on December 18, 2023. They were each charged with two counts of manslaughter. And Janna Kantanka.

Gloria Asamoah will meet with her attorney at her arraignment Friday. Thomas E. Gaston

“This tragedy, which occurred right before the holidays, was incredibly stupid,” Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said in a statement.

“The young siblings were found dead lying together in their apartment,” prosecutors said. “Their mothers are accused of killing these children and will be held accountable.”

Little George and Gianna were found on the living room floor of their apartment on East 175th Street and were initially thought to have died from a medical emergency.

Twins George and Gianna Katanka passed away on December 18, 2023. gofundme

However, an autopsy revealed that the twins had special needs and had been absent from school on the day of their deaths, and the coroner’s office announced in mid-March that they had actually died of suffocation.

Their mother was indicted about four months later.

Gloria Asamoah was taken into custody after appearing in court. Thomas E. Gaston
Gloria Asamoah was initially admitted to a psychiatric ward this week. Thomas E. Gaston

“She is back in the psychiatric ward. She is not free to leave at any time. She will remain there until cleared by her doctor, at which point she will be taken into custody by the NYPD.” Joseph Kenney The detective chief told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

Kenney added that the twins’ father was working in Port Chester at the time the bodies were discovered, so charges are not expected.

Officials said George had been suffering from a cold for about two weeks before his death and had been sent home from school a week earlier.

The twins appear to have died of suffocation. gofundme

Asamoah told authorities that Gianna had been suffering from an ear infection and had been acting violently at school.

Kenney said her mother claimed the girl was apparently “chewing and spitting” in the classroom.

The Ghanaian mother was so shaken by her children’s deaths that she was hospitalized, law enforcement officials said at the time.