Bryan Kohberger murder trial may be pushed to 2025 as judge denies motion to toss charges

Brian Koberger's trial may be postponed to summer 2025 after the presiding judge denied another attempt by the University of Idaho murder suspect to dismiss the charges.

Koberger, 29, was clearly visible during Friday's first livestream. The murder suspect was seen wearing his suit, tie and white shirt, sitting next to his attorney Ann Taylor.

The criminology student was arrested in November 2022 inside his off-campus home (which has since been demolished), along with Madison Morgen, 21, Kaylee Gonsalves, 21, and Zana Karnodol, 20. He was charged with the murder of 20-year-old Ethan Chapin.

State prosecutors hope to begin trial of the murder suspect as early as this summer to avoid a new school year and force the victim's family to relive the pain of losing their child.

However, Taylor said she did not think the event would be ready by this summer and wanted to postpone the event to summer 2025, and also requested a change of venue.

Ms Taylor also said she believed the trial could last up to 15 weeks.

The lawyer also said he wanted to make clear that the defense team was not “sitting around” unprepared.

The trial of University of Idaho murder suspect Brian Koberger could be postponed to summer 2025 after a judge rejected his defense's appeal of the charges. State attorneys hope to start the trial as early as this summer to avoid the school year, but Koberger's team says it won't be ready until summer 2025. AP

“We didn't sit around and wait,” Taylor told the judge.

But Judge John said he was “concerned about the delay.”

“This is a complex case that may take longer than any of us thought, and I think this will cause further delays,” he told attendees.

“Do we need another year?” After Taylor's lengthy explanation, which included examining 51 terabytes of data, he questioned why he needed another year and a half to do so.

Taylor said the earliest it would be ready would be March 2025.

“I'm nervous to say it will be ready by the summer of 2025,” she said.

State attorneys said if they cannot begin the trial this summer, they would prefer the summer of 2025, avoiding the school year.

The first trial, held behind closed doors, reportedly addressed his team's motion to dismiss the grand jury indictment due to “errors” in jury instructions. The judge denied the motion.

State prosecutors are concerned that delaying the trial until 2025 will prolong the pain for the victims' families. Additionally, Judge John said he was “concerned about the delay.”

Koberger's attorneys have long argued that there was insufficient evidence in the indictment. Previous attempts to have the case thrown out were also rejected.

“This is not our attempt to achieve any kind of delay, this is our attempt to achieve due process,” his lawyers argued Friday.

A team of criminology students are accused of filing endless motions to prolong the trial.

Judge denied both motions to dismiss the charges and did not set a trial date, which would likely occur until 2025. Getty Images

“This matter will go to trial,” the state attorney said. “This case needs to go to trial.”



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