California groom Jacob Wright wears Apple Vision Pro at wedding, creeps out wife Cambree

A California software engineer was furious with his new wife for wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset on their wedding day.

Jacob Wright, a technology engineer at a startup AI company, wore a $3,500 head dress with his elegant bride Cambry in front of the scenic Utah mountains as they celebrated their wedding on February 10. I wore the set.

In the couple’s wedding photo, Cambree-Wright held a bouquet of flowers and captured disgusted expressions on the faces of tech workers who seemed to be in a world of their own.

“It’s a little creepy, a little creepy, so I try not to look at it.” Cambry told SFGATE. “When he’s wearing Apple Vision Pro, I let him do whatever he wants.”

Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset that can display digital content within a person’s physical space.

Jacob Wright holds out his hand and appears to be using the control panel of his Apple Vision Pro headset, much to the disgust of his wife. @Jason, /X

When wearing an Apple headset, users can control using their voice, hands, and, of course, their eyes.

At one point, Ms. Cambry said she had to guard Wright’s headset during a photo shoot because she was worried that Wright would try to wear it during the actual wedding.

Cambry said she tries not to look at Wright when she’s wearing a headset because it’s “creepy and a little spooky.” @Jason, /X

Wright, who bought the headset a few days after its release, frantically asked Cambry if she could wear it to the ceremony.

She denied his request and allowed him to wear it only at the reception.

“He said, ‘Hey, can I take some pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?'” Cambree recalls.

“He asked me probably two or three times. I was like, ‘No, no, no, I have to wait, I have to wait.’ And then I turned around for about a minute and he was wearing it,” she added.

Jacob Wright dances with his bride and headset at the reception. @jahvascript/X

Jacob Wright then appeared on the dance floor in full gear, wearing a 2-pound white headset on his face.

“I have a video that I took with all the bridesmaids that were there, all the groomsmen, and everyone who came to the ceremony,” he said. told the futurists. “I think it’s going to be really cool to show our kids 20 years from now.”

Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset that displays digital content within a person’s physical space. Eric Penjic/Shutterstock

Wright faced intense backlash over his decision to wear a headset on his special day.

“What is my husband’s return policy?” Someone joked about X.

“Divorce papers have already been filed,” added another jokester. commented.

“Her face says it all,” a third person said of Cambry’s facial expressions.

“I just finished my prenup…it’s really quick and should go well…and I’m done. Yes, I will!,” someone said, Mentioning Wright’s hand position in wedding photos.

Since its release last month, Apple Vision Pro has quickly become a hot topic in the tech world, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

San Diego police issued a warning last week after they caught a pedestrian crossing the street with a headset wrapped around his face.

The footage showed a person crossing the road, appearing to use their hands to access a virtual menu, as officers arrested another person on the corner.



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