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California police department unveils Tesla Model Y patrol vehicles; Cybertrucks could be next

Police departments in Southern California already use Tesla Model Y electric vehicles as patrol cars, and the outfitters who helped them improve their response capabilities are looking to the future with the Cybertruck.

The Anaheim Police Department currently has four of the six Model Ys it ordered patrolling the streets as part of a pilot program. Sergeant Jacob Gallacher told Fox News Digital that the vehicles were ordered as a result of “national supply chain issues” with Ford, and that the data collected will help the department decide how to integrate more electric vehicles into its fleet.

Supply chain issues, combined with aging patrol vehicles and delivery delays, left police departments with vehicle shortages. Anaheim Police Department partnered with affiliate vendor UP.FIT (a division of Unplugged Performance) to outfit vehicles for patrol duty, ordering them directly from Tesla.

“We needed to explore alternative vehicle options and considered utilizing Tesla as a police vehicle,” Police Chief Rick Alemendariz said in an April press release. “By providing patrol vehicles more quickly, we are enhancing public safety in Anaheim.”

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The department said the Model Y was chosen because of its “advanced features” such as rapid acceleration, storage capacity, affordability and low maintenance needs.

The South Pasadena Police Department also announced in May that it would add 20 Teslas for patrol, detective work and other duties, with plans to buy 10 more. Tesla Model Y vehicle, 10 Model 3 cars and 30 charging ports.

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A Texas police department tweeted earlier this year that it, too, wants to switch to electric vehicles.

“What do you think @elonmusk? Would the #Cybertruck be a good police vehicle?” Rosenberg Police posted to X.

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In response to these requests, UP.FIT announced in a news release on June 7 that it had unveiled “the world’s first Tesla Cybertruck patrol vehicle for use by public safety authorities around the world.” The company said the vehicle could be used by police and fire departments, as well as military and tactical response agencies.

UP.FIT is currently accepting orders for the Cybertruck “Next-Gen Patrol,” with deliveries scheduled for “late 2024.”

Check out UP.FIT’s Tesla Cybertruck, geared up to work in a police department. (Upfit)

A close look at the UP.FIT Cybertruck

UP.FIT believes the Tesla Cybertruck can be used for more than just police and fire departments. (Upfit)

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“The UP.FIT Cybertruck next-generation patrol vehicle represents a major technological leap into the future, and we are excited to offer law enforcement agencies the future of policing,” Unplugged Performance CEO Ben Schafer said in the release. “We’ve been thrilled to receive direct feedback from the police departments that participated in the Cybertruck’s development, and we look forward to fielding these completed UP.FIT vehicles to law enforcement agencies across the country this year.”

FOX Business’ Louis Casiano contributed to this report.