Elon Musk vows Tesla will ship long-delayed Roadster next year

Elon Musk provided an updated timeline for when the new Tesla Roadster will go on sale early Wednesday. The CEO said Tesla aims to launch the latest version of the electric car maker’s first-ever vehicle in 2025. Musk said these shipments are expected to occur after Tesla finishes the production design of the model and […]

Tesla Staff Orders 4,000 Pies, But Cancels Last Minute. Elon Musk Responds

Elon Musk responded to X’s article. A California bakery that claimed Tesla didn’t pay for a large order has confirmed that the claim has been settled. The resolution comes after Tesla’s CEO, billionaire Elon Musk, vowed to “make things better” in response to media coverage of the incident. Giving Pies, a black-owned bakery in San […]

Tesla pays bakery $2K for canceled pie order after Musk gets involved

Tesla asks a California bakery to cover the cost of canceled pie orders after the car company’s billionaire owner, Elon Musk, learned of the debacle and promised to “remediate the situation.” Paid $2000 for. Owner of The Giving Pies, whose business has boomed since the ordeal hit the headlines last week confirmed to the Guardian […]

Tesla to issue over-the-air software update for 8,700 EVs in China

Former Tesla director Steve Westley is reacting to the stock’s surge after Elon Musk warned of a production slowdown in 2024. China’s market regulator announced Friday that Tesla plans to send out a software update to fix a problem with rear cameras in 8,700 vehicles that could cause accidents. The action, which involves 1,071 imported […]

Leasing Companies Are Demanding Payoffs from EV Makers Like Tesla as Resale Values Plummet

Car leasing companies are feeling the pinch as resale prices for electric cars fall, prompting compensation demands from automakers trying to meet tough emissions targets. luck report The used electric car market has been hit hard since Tesla cut prices last year, forcing other manufacturers to follow suit. This has implications for companies such as […]

Tesla Cybertruck owners claim $80K vehicles rust, corrode

Two Tesla Cybertruck owners have expressed concern after discovering that their expensive electric truck was quickly developing “corrosion” and “orange rust marks.” Will, a Tesla owner, posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum that he has started recording the “corrosion” of his new Cybertruck. He said he noticed rust marks on his new car just […]

Early Tesla Cybertruck Buyers Report Rusty EVs After Rain Exposure

Some early owners of the Tesla Cybertruck noticed rust spots forming on the body of their new electric pickup truck after being caught in the rain. business insider report Within days of receiving their new Cybertruck, some owners have noticed rust spots forming on the highly touted electric pickup’s stainless steel body panels. A post […]

Tesla Cybertruck owners complained of rusting on new trucks

Automotive expert Mike Caudill claims Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck design will turn off potential buyers in Kabuto: Coast to Coast. Two Tesla Cybertruck owners have expressed concern after discovering that their expensive electric truck was quickly developing “corrosion” and “orange rust marks.” Tesla owner Will said, cybertruck owners club On the forum, he reported that […]


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