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Can 4DX motion seats and sensory elements get you to return to the movie theater?

The onset of the pandemic changed the moviegoing experience for most Americans. What was once part of most Americans’ weekend plans was quickly replaced by streaming content at home.

A new type of movie-going experience may bring people back to theaters: called 4DX, it blends the cinema experience with real-life elements.

So essentially, you’re not just sitting and watching a movie, you’re becoming a part of it using all your senses.

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Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

What is the 4DX movie experience?

While options like Imax existed, 4DX is A multi-sensory experience aligned with the film’s storyline, 4DX combines seat movement, effects and sensory elements to complement or enhance the film you’re watching.

For example, if a character in a film is moving across a foggy landscape, fog will be emitted in the actual theater; if a particular movement is depicted in the film, that movement may be reflected in the movement of the seats; if a character is smelling a particular odor, the odor may be emitted, giving the viewer a sensory experience rather than just a visual one.

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16 Effects of 4DX Cinema Technology

1. Roll: The motion seat rotates from side to side, immersing you in the action of rolling vehicles and rolling objects. This rotational motion creates a visceral sense of centrifugal force and inertia.

4DX2 4DX2

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

2. Pitch: The seat tilts forward and backward to simulate the sensations of accelerating, braking and dropping, and tilts downward to recreate the stomach-churning sensation of a steep dive or free fall.

4DX3 4DX3

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

3. Swing + Twist: Your seat rocks and twists to create dynamic movements like tight turns and spins. The twisting motion enhances the realism of tight corners, corkscrew loops and other spiraling action sequences.


Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

4. Tickling: Tickling devices built into the seats mimic crawling creatures and environmental effects, delivering gentle sensations to your feet and ankles. These tickling effects surprise and delight, further enhancing the tactile immersion.

4DX5 4DX5

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

5. Vibration: Accurate vibrations in your seat create realistic shocks and tremors, making crashes, explosions and more impactful. From subtle rumbles to violent jolts, the vibrations make you feel more involved in the events on screen.

4DX6 4DX6

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

6. Warm air: Hot air blows out of the vents to recreate a desert-like environment or to give you a feeling of warmth. The warm breeze envelops you, bringing you closer to the hot, arid landscape.

4DX7 4DX7

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

7. Storm: During storm scenes, rain, wind and fog effects combine to envelop the theatre, delivering an immersive experience of a downpour. As the storm rages all around you, you’ll feel caught in the middle of nature’s wrath.

4DX8 4DX8

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

8. Rain: Water nozzles simulate rainfall from light rain to heavy showers. From gentle to heavy rain sounds, the rain effects will immerse you in the atmosphere.

4DX9 4DX9

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

9. Snow: The snow simulation system creates realistic snowflakes that seem to fall from above. You’ll be mesmerized by the falling snowflakes and feel chilled by the winter atmosphere.

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10. Wind: The powerful fan creates a range of wind gusts from a light breeze to a strong wind, with intense winds sweeping all around you, adding drama to storms and aerial scenes.

4DX10 4DX10

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

11. Fog: A fog machine fills the theatre with mist, creating a moody atmosphere and obscuring visibility. The swirling fog heightens tension and mystery, restricting visibility just as much as the characters do.

of 11

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

12. Strobe: Intense strobe lighting flashes in sync with events such as lightning strikes, gunfire, explosions, etc. These dazzling bursts of light amplify the shock and awe of each impact moment.

4DX12 4DX12

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

13. Bubbles: The bubble effect creates a floating atmosphere in your underwater scenes. With bubbles floating all around you, you feel like you’re immersed in the underwater world.

4DX13 4DX13

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

14. Aroma: The scent generator emits different scents to match the environment and situation on your screen. From the earthy smell of a forest to the pungent smell of smoke, the scents deepen your connection with your senses.

4DX14 4DX14

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

15. Water: Water jets squirt water at the audience, creating splashes, waves and wet characters. Water effects will put you in the middle of the action so be prepared to get a little wet.

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Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

16. Face the Air: A focused air nozzle blows air directly into the viewer’s face, creating a sudden sense of surprise. The sudden burst of air coming towards the viewer’s face startles the viewer, amplifying the shock and tension of the surprise.

4DX16 4DX16

Multisensory cinematography. (4DX)

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Are 4DX movie tickets worth the extra cost?

About $8 more than a regular movie ticket, meaning tickets will be in the $20 to $30 range, seems like it has a value proposition for both theaters and audiences: The smell and feel element along with the movie, which can’t be replicated at home, gives viewers a reason to head to the theater instead of streaming, and theater owners can make more money per ticket than they would from a non-4DX release.

Regal is the largest operator of 4DX, operating 50 of 62 locations in the U.S. and Canada and 750 worldwide. Last year, 4DX screened more than 100 films, 40 to 45 of which were Hollywood blockbusters.

4DX programmers work incredibly hard to make all this happen. They have 2-3 weeks to create an experience that will enhance your movie-going experience. They combine smoke machines, sound systems and sensory elements to create an original and unique experience that will immerse your audience.

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Important points about the cart

While you don’t want to get splashed in the face, you have to experience the technology of 4DX cinemas to understand how amazingly engrossing and unforgettable movie-going can become. While some moviegoers wholeheartedly welcome this innovative approach, others may find the sensory overload overwhelming, especially during intense action or shocking scenes.

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This is cinema operators’ best shot at luring audiences back to the big screen. In an age where streaming services are becoming increasingly prevalent, 4DX offers an experience that can’t be replicated on a phone, tablet screen, or at home. The combination of motion seats, environmental effects and sensory stimulation creates a truly enchanting atmosphere. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, it will be interesting to see how 4DX shapes the future of moviegoing.

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