State Department details horrific persecution of Christians in North Korea, including the life imprisonment of an infant over a Bible

Christians may be subject to increasing nationalist pressure, hatred and persecution in the United States, but the situation is even more dire in faraway lands. announced by the US State Department. Annual International Religious Freedom Reportwhich details the persecution of believers abroad. Among the atrocities and barbarism inflicted on Christians around the world, some of […]

Carnival cruise ship hammered by party-crashing winds and gargantuan waves

The cruise liner, which completed its trip from the Bahamas to Charleston, South Carolina, was hit by a violent storm on its final leg Friday, shattering glass and flooding hallways, prompting some passengers to pray for help. Huge waves and strong winds shook the sea carnival sunshineThe 102,853-ton vessel, which can accommodate more than 3,000 […]

Target boycotts and threats are ‘literally terrorism’ says economics professor on MSNBC

In a recent interview with Newsweek magazine MSNBC, the University of Michigan professor referred to boycotts and threats against major retail targets as literal forms of terrorism. report. Target recently saw its market value plummet to $9 billion after retailers rolled out a highly questionable LGBTQ pride collection. Brand values ​​drop 12% in just a […]

Nine people injured, including children, at mass shooting at Florida beach boardwalk

there were at least nine injured A mass shooting on a beach boardwalk in Florida on Memorial Day. Live camera footage showed people enjoying their vacation at Hollywood Beach before the shootings forced them to flee for their lives. Hollywood Police spokesman Diana Bettineski Said Reporters said police believed the shooting was the result of […]