‘Global Priority:’ AI Industry Leaders Warn of ‘Risk of Extinction’

More than 350 executives, researchers and engineers from leading artificial intelligence companies have signed an open letter warning that underdeveloped AI technologies could threaten human existence. of new york times report More than 350 executives, researchers and engineers from top AI companies have signed an open letter warning the world that the AI ​​technologies they […]

Gavin Newsom Gets Fact-Checked After Politicizing FL Shooting

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, received a fact-check Monday after claiming the Hollywood, Fla., shooting violated the Constitution’s Carry Act. Governor Ron DeSantis’ office immediately summoned Mr. Newsom and asked how a law not taking effect until July 1, 2023 could have had any bearing on the May 29, 2023 shooting. Newsom tweeted: DeSantis […]

Punishing Bidenflation Has 1 in 6 Retirees Considering Unretiring

Currently, one in six retirees is considering leaving because of Bidenflation, and one analyst said that “this may continue.” Well, if Biden wins re-election, it will definitely stay here. Patrice Onaunka laments on the extreme left USA Today The inflation-induced “fiscal instability” itself, caused by “reckless federal spending,” could become permanent. more: People have connected […]

Day Arrives for Elizabeth Holmes to Report to a Texas Prison

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, disgraced after being sentenced to 11 years in prison for overseeing the blood test hoax that rocked Silicon Valley, will turn herself in to a women’s camp in Bryan, Texas, on Tuesday. is. A federal judge who sentenced Holmes, 39, in November recommended that he be held in a facility about […]

‘Incorrupt’ Nun’s Body Draws Thousands to Rural Missouri

Thousands of pilgrims visited the monastery in Gower, Missouri, to see the nun’s body, which showed no signs of decay four years after her death. Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, Founder of the Benedictine Order monastery Mary, Queen of the Apostles, died in 2019 at the age of 95. When her body was exhumed for placement in […]

Texas Governor Calls Special Session for Border Security, Property Tax Measures

Shortly after the 88th Texas Legislature closed sign die, Governor Greg Abbott has reconvened what is expected to be several special sessions. The first session, which began Monday night, is asking lawmakers to pass legislation related to border security and property tax relief. Abbott said the legislature passed many good bills, but more needs to […]

50 Shot over Memorial Day Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago

During Brandon Johnson’s first Memorial Day weekend as mayor, 50 people were shot in Chicago, 10 of them dead. The weekend’s violence began with at least 12 people shot dead in Chicago alone between Friday night and Saturday morning, three of whom died. A few hours later, by 8:19 on Saturday night, number of shooting […]

Netanyahu Blasts Judicial Overhaul Opponents for Silencing Free Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the left-wing opposition of silencing government lawmakers’ free speech after they were barred from speaking at Tel Aviv University. Age of Israel report: Prime Minister Netanyahu made comments a day after anti-government protesters. flew a heckler Religious Zionist MK Simcha Rothman was one of the architects of the […]

GOP Has Forgot What Winning Looks Like

CNN political commentator SE Cup said on “The Read” Monday that Republicans have forgotten what winning looks like in recent years. Discussing Gov. Chris Sununu (Republican, New Hampshire), political commentator Van Jones said: I think he’s a real contrast to the DeSantis type and the Trump type. He’s more like Tim Scott. He has two […]