Health Centre Asks Parents if Their Newborns Are Transgender

The UK Health Center gave new parents a survey asking if they thought their baby was transgender or non-binary. A Birmingham GP provided a form to parents of newborns who considered their child to be male (including trans men), female (including trans women), non-binary, or other. was asked. (not listed)” or “not listed”. One woman […]

Their Service ‘Adds to America’s Strength’

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin praised the “service, dedication and sacrifice” of LGBTQ+ troops and personnel in a statement released Thursday to kick off Pride Month. “This Pride Month, we honor the service, dedication and sacrifice of members and staff of LGBTQ+ services who volunteer to defend our country. Their proud service makes America even […]

‘Wild ‘n Out’ Cast Member, Ms Jacky Oh! Dead at 32

former wild out Performer and longtime partner of YouTube star DC Young Frye, Jackie O! A BET Media Group spokesperson said Thursday: “Deeply saddened by the loss of Jaclyn Smith, a member of the talented Wild and Out family known to the world as Jackie O. The impact will be forever. will be cherished and […]

FBI to Divulge File Allegedly Linking Biden to Bribery Scheme

After weeks of blocking Congressional subpoenas, FBI Director Christopher Wray has finally agreed to allow lawmakers to view unclassified documents in the Capitol next Monday. The FD-1023 documents purportedly involve President Joe Biden and a $5 million bribery scheme, a spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee confirmed to Breitbart News. This document is the transcript […]

Allstate, Like State Farm, Stops Issuing New Home, Business Insurance in California

The State Farm’s decision to do so this week is an isolated one, after a new report confirms that Allstate Insurance quietly stopped selling insurance to new homeowners and businesses in California last year. suggests that it was not. of San Francisco Chronicle report: Allstate has stopped issuing new homeowner, condominium and commercial insurance policies […]

Joe Biden Tries to Explain Big Fall

President Joe Biden tried to explain to reporters why the alarming incident took place, referring to a nasty fall at his U.S. Air Force Academy commencement ceremony on Thursday. “I’m a sandbag,” Mr. Biden shouted to reporters, waving his arms, before pretending to jog into the White House. As Breitbart News reported, early that day, […]

Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against ATF Stabilizer Brace Rule

District Judge Drew B. Tipton issued a preliminary injunction Wednesday against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) AR Pistol Stabilizer Brace Regulation. Plaintiffs in this lawsuit Texas vs ATFTexas, Gun Owners Association of America (GOA), Gun Owners Foundation, and Brady Brown. Breitbart News reported that the ATF’s AR Pistol Stabilizer Brace Regulation […]

White House Lashes out over Effort to Hold FBI in Contempt of Congress

White House Press Secretary Ian Sams has lashed out at House Republicans who plan to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for refusing to leak unclassified information. summons issued The document purportedly details an arrangement involving the exchange of money for policy making between current President Joe Biden and foreigners. After Wednesday’s […]

First Lady Jill Biden to Skip Israel on Trip to Middle East

First Lady Jill Biden will skip Israel on this trip to the Middle East and North Africa and will fly over countries in between Jordan and Egypt to “strengthen ties” with regional allies. It’s planned. Government to government, people to people and heart to heart, we will continue to strengthen our ties in the region […]