Crowd Shouts Down Robert De Niro Outside New York Courthouse

Far-left, anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro was yelled at by members of the crowd on Tuesday as he spoke outside the Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump’s trial is taking place. De Niro’s speech was part of the Biden campaign’s ploy to capitalize on the legal war against the former president. Angry roars were […]

Pope Francis Laments Excessive ‘Faggotry’ in Catholic Seminaries

ROME — Pope Francis complained last week during a closed-door meeting with Italian bishops that Catholic seminaries are rife with “homosexuality,” according to local media reports. The Pope is famous AskedHe has been an outspoken critic of gays in the Catholic clergy since 2013, when he said “who am I to judge” a gay bishop […]

France is Deploying Soldiers to Ukraine, Claims Kyiv

The Ukrainian government praised France’s “determination” to send military advisers to the country and said it hoped France’s move would encourage other Western countries to send troops as well. Months of drama surrounding French President Emmanuel Macron’s seemingly stubborn desire to send French troops directly into Ukraine appears to be moving closer to action after […]

France to Lift State of Emergency in New Caledonia After Deadly Riots

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron decided Monday to lift a state of emergency in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia to allow for political dialogue after unrest that has left seven people dead and left a trail of destruction, his office said. The presidency said in a statement that the state of […]

Disney Needs ‘Course Correction’ Away from Political Messaging

John Musker, co-director of the original animated film The Little Mermaid and Aladdinbelieves Disney needs to “correct course,” saying the studio needs to move away from political messaging and get back to entertaining audiences. He also appeared in Disney’s recent live-action remake The Little MermaidIt was a huge hit with audiences around the world. In […]

Lizzo Reacts to Being Roasted in Obesity-Themed ‘South Park’ Episode

Pop star Lizzo recently South Park The episode lampooned her body positive message and persona. Lizzo shared her response in a TikTok video in which she filmed herself watching a clip from a South Park episode that simultaneously pokes fun at American obesity culture, American drug culture, and American body positivity culture. In the episode, […]

Donald Trump Sold Private Jet, Worth $11M, to GOP Mega Donor

Former President Donald Trump sold a private jet worth about $11 million to a major Republican donor, according to financial records. The 1997 Cessna 750 was registered to DT Air Corp., which is owned by the Trump Organization, but on May 13 it was registered to MM Fleet Holdings LLC. according to Federal Aviation Administration […]

Swing State Poll Shows Trump Trouncing Biden on Inflation and Economy

President Biden faces an American public that is far more trusting of his biggest political opponent on inflation and economic issues — issues that are likely to loom large on voters’ minds at the polls in November. A Cook Political Report poll conducted in partnership with Democratic and Republican strategy firms and released last week […]