Actress Alicia Silverstone lauds Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Actress Alicia Silverstone goes public with Instagram director In it, she praised Democratic presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., saying she ditched her Democratic registration to become an independent last year. “Last year I canceled my Democratic registration and registered as an independent voter,” she wrote. “Like many others, I am deeply disappointed in political […]

Stephen A. Smith ESPN Biden Trump

Deadspin recently wrote a scathing piece about Stephen A. Smith, and it’s not really beautiful. The headline reads, “Stephen A. Smith’s Political Views Are Beyond Concern and Dangerous,” and goes on to call Smith a “fake spokesperson” for his friends in the Republican Party. why? Simply because Smith said on his podcast recently that he […]

Charges dropped against man arrested after trying to quote Bible to Pride rally attendees; official reportedly says legal action may come against police

Charges have been dropped against a Pennsylvania man arrested over the weekend for trying to quote the Bible to a pride rally participant. “Following a review of the June 3, 2023 incident at 800 Washington Street in Redding, the District Attorney’s Office has dropped the disorderly conduct charges filed against Damon Atkins,” it said Tuesday. […]

Illegal Immigration NYC – TheBlaze

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has a vision. And apparently that vision is to let illegal immigrants into people’s homes. “My vision is to take the next step in this, going to faith-based neighborhoods and then moving into private residences,” the mayor said. The mayor believes the city can recycle the $4.2 billion the […]

Horowitz: Debt ceiling deal leaves us completely vulnerable to electric car hell

The New York Times reported on the debt ceiling negotiations. report, “Mr. McCarthy’s negotiators gave Biden officials the impression that at least one issue from every major aspect of the House Republican debt limit bill was needed to reach a deal.” , except for one key item that conservatives failed to secure even a controversial […]