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KJP throws TEMPER TANTRUM over questions on Biden’s health

The White House press corps is unhappy with Karine Jean-Pierre, who can’t seem to stop repeating lies from the White House about the president’s health. “I never answered a question wrong,” Jean-Pierre told annoyed reporters. “That’s not true. I was asked about a medical examination, I was asked about a physical exam. That was part […]

Trump CHALLENGES Biden: $1M golf match, no-moderator debate

If there’s one thing for sure about former President Donald Trump, it’s that he knows how to get a crowd going, especially a large one. The recent rally in Miami was no exception, with Trump challenging President Joe Biden to several high-profile events in front of a crowd of 45,000. “So tonight I’m officially offering […]

‘The View’ host gets Whitmer to drop Biden replacement clue

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report said, “The women of The View continue to do vulgar things.” This time, host Sunny Hostin asks Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to share some clues about Kamala Harris and who could potentially replace Joe Biden in the 2024 election. “Politico is reporting that you told the president’s reelection campaign […]

Biden’s blunders leave US vulnerable to our global adversaries

The debate has taken place, and now the “big boy” press conference has taken place, and the world has become a much more dangerous place as a result. Senior policymakers in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran understand better than Rahm Emanuel the importance of not letting a crisis go to waste. They know that the arrogance […]

Weekend Watch: Requiem for a reluctant scream queen

Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film The Shining is clearly a Jack Nicholson movie. The role of Jack Torrance suits Nicholson perfectly, turning his crowd-pleasing devilish charm into something darker. In fact, it’s the reason Stephen King disliked Nicholson for the role; a less charismatic actor would have made the character’s transformation more shocking. With Jack, your […]

The cure for what ails America is equality properly understood

My fellow Americans, show me a problem of a divided house, where We the People are failing and failing, and it’s not for lack of money, and I will show you equality properly understood and constitutionally pursued. Understanding what equality means and what it does not mean, and figuring it out within the bounds of […]

Why I am pro-life with an asterisk

Glenn Beck’s radio broadcast on Wednesday morning featured a heartfelt and thoughtful discussion of one of the most controversial (for Republicans) aspects of Donald Trump’s recent policy announcements: abortion. It got me thinking again about this issue, but I haven’t really ignored it. I can’t ignore it. To say that the abortion conundrum goes to […]

Making sense of the global managerial revolution

Power always seeks to be centralized. In his book On Power, political theorist Bertrand de Jouvenel explains that power is always trying to break down the barriers of centralization. Civilization, in its most organic structure, is formed by overlapping spheres of social sovereignty. Humans are political animals, and no one exists in complete isolation, but […]

Protests at the RNC: What groups are planning to do in Milwaukee

When the Republican National Convention begins next week, much of the attention will be on the action inside the Fiserv Forum, but there will also be some action outside the secured perimeter, as protesters have promised to march closer to the convention site to make their voices and their presence heard by Republicans. Far-left groups […]