Chinese Americans turn on San Francisco Democrats over crime, education: WSJ

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Many Chinese Americans have indicated they may work with progressive candidates in San Francisco ahead of upcoming elections.

Several local positions are up for grabs this November, including mayor, city attorney, district attorney, sheriff and four school board seats. Chinese Americans have traditionally been a reliable voting base for Democrats, but many are leading or supporting efforts to bring them back to the center of politics on issues such as crime and education.

wall street journal “Members of the Chinese community, which makes up a fifth of this city of 810,000 people and a slightly smaller proportion of registered voters, are particularly outraged by incidents of anti-Asian violence,” Sunday’s report said. “We believe that school policy is more important than equity,” said the school’s CEO. Many people are also angry that prices have remained high for a long time. ”

Chinese Americans have led and supported efforts to replace progressive politicians such as San Francisco Mayor London Breed. (Getty Images)

Jason McDaniel, an associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University, said that as incumbent Mayor London Breed seeks to defend her seat, the Chinese American demographic “could sway the outcome of the election.” community,” he warned.

San Francisco apologizes for historic anti-Asian racism.This is his fourth city in California to do so.

The situation for Chinese Americans began to change during the pandemic years ago.

The Wall Street Journal says, “Many Chinese American voters have grown angry with the political establishment during the pandemic, with prolonged school closures and merit-based admissions at some elite high schools. Abolition infuriated families focused on education.”

Chesa Boudin photographed outdoors at night

Many Asian Americans participated in the recall campaign against San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. (Justin Sullivan)

Frustration grew with an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes. Many Chinese Americans participated in a recall effort against District Attorney Chesa Boudin, accusing him of neglecting their community. A particularly incendiary turning point came in 2021, when 19-year-old Antoine Watson allegedly attacked and killed 84-year-old Thai immigrant pastor Ratanapakdee, saying he was “having some kind of tantrum.” ” Boudin said.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” former San Francisco Police Department Deputy Chief Garrett Thom said, according to the Journal.

The Journal reports that one analysis found that Chinese Americans voted 10 to 30 points higher on average than voters overall, voting in favor of recalling Boudin and firing three school board members. Some have suggested that he may be eyeing the mayor’s seat.

Anti-AAPI hate crimes spike 567%; San Francisco da Chesa Boudin sues Asian attack victims for revenge

“I voted for London Breed and I loved her story, but at some point we have to reevaluate the situation in her city,” said campaigner Mark Farrell, leader of Boudin Recall and mayoral candidate. Manager Jade Too said: “There are a lot of problems in this city.”

London Breed addressing the audience

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is under intense scrutiny from Chinese Americans over criminal charges ahead of the mayoral election. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A San Francisco Chronicle poll in February found that 80% of likely Asian voters disapproved of Breed’s performance. Two of her challengers each had 17% of her support, and Breed only had 10% of her support.