More college students are putting their education on hold: Reports

The Supreme Court continues to review President Biden’s broad student loan forgiveness plan. The unqualified colleges and universities (SCNC) population has grown to 40.4 million as of July 2021, according to the latest university survey. National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Adults in SCNC are recognized as those who have dropped out of secondary education without […]

Minnesota passes bill giving illegal immigrants access to free college education

Tim Waltz is a Democratic politician and former teacher who has been the 41st Governor of Minnesota since 2019. (Photo Credit: Stephen Mathulen/Getty Images) Brooke Mallory of OAN3:40 PM – Wednesday, June 7, 2023 Minnesota has approved a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to benefit from the state’s educational assistance program, proposing 100% tuition-free […]

Former Education secretary to lead Bipartisan Policy Center

A Washington, D.C. think tank announced Monday that former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has joined as the new chief executive of the Bipartisan Center for Policy. Spellings, who served as secretary of education in the George W. Bush administration, will guide the nonprofit’s strategic direction and help lawmakers work together across the aisles to solve […]

There’s a proven fix for an urgent education problem — Congress should embrace it 

“Catastrophe,” said one researcher explained A recently reported decline in college enrollment in the United States. “Aside from wartime, the United States has never experienced a period of such decline in academic performance,” he said. The decline, which was widely reported in the media, is far greater than another catastrophe in a higher education system […]

Parents Are ‘Getting Really Angry’ at DeSantis’ Education Policies

Randy Weingarten, president of the Federation of American Teachers, argued on MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Friday that people are “really angry” with Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Florida)’s education policies. Anchor Nicole Wallace said, “I’d like to go back to another policy, which I think is the least popular among this group of new moms, is the book […]

Virginia plans to eliminate higher education requirement for many executive branch jobs

Virginia plans to make major changes to its hiring practices by removing the requirement and priority that applicants for many government jobs have a higher education degree. In a statement accompanying Tuesday’s announcement, Gov. Glenn Youngkin said, “This groundbreaking change in state employee recruitment practices will improve the hiring process, expand job seekers’ potential and […]

Here are the top education issues state lawmakers battled over this year

Democrats and Republicans went head-to-head over education policy in state legislatures this year, with many legislatures shutting down. Much of the fighting has centered on Republican-led culture war issues, from how classes on race and gender should be taught to what kinds of books students should read. Here are some of the top education issues […]