Chinese Firm Caught Injecting Women with Camel, Bat, Chimpanzee ‘Fillers’ for Breast Augmentation

China’s latest medical scandal involves a woman who spent millions on cosmetic breast implants, only to find that her implants contained “stuffing” tissue from camels, bats and chimpanzees did.

Chinese state media report The patient underwent surgery in 2022 at a clinic called Chumeiren, but the clinic is currently closed. The clinic advertised a unique treatment using “CRT autologous collagen regeneration technology.”

China’s state-owned Global Times explained The procedure was advertised as “promising to deliver larger breasts in a 20-minute procedure, using no surgery or synthetic implants and instead using the consumer’s own blood tissue for cultivation.”

The patient, a Beijing resident, is referred to by authorities as “Lanran.” Global Times, She was told that she would receive a referral discount that would reduce the surgery fee to a still hefty 546,800 yuan, or just over $75,500.

At first, Lanlan was happy with the results, as the surgery took only 20 minutes and left no visible scars. She then began noticing “asymmetry” and “persistent discomfort” in her breasts and scheduled her checkup. An ultrasound scan revealed a “foreign object” inside her breast, which was surgically removed at an additional cost of 200,000 yuan (approximately $27,600).

of Global Times Ms Lang Lang’s surgeon described the horrifying aftermath of the surgery, in which they removed around 200 milliliters of a “yellow oily substance” from her breast and replaced it with a prosthetic implant.

Despite extensive cleaning, traces of the filler remained and posed a potential health risk.

Analysis of filler samples revealed proteins derived from a variety of animal sources, including camels, bats, and chimpanzees. Currently seven months pregnant, Lang Lang faces concerns about breastfeeding due to complications from her breast implants.

Additionally, Ranran’s mother also underwent a similar surgery at the same facility, costing more than 600,000 yuan, and also experienced breast pain and deformity.

Lang Lang sued Chumeiren Clinic and won $103,400 in damages, but with the clinic gone and its owner gone, it will be difficult to recover that amount. It turned out that the surgeon who performed her breast implants was a general surgeon at a Beijing hospital with no qualifications in cosmetic surgery.

of Global Times He said the incident was a major public relations blow to China’s rapidly growing cosmetic surgery industry. The industry currently has just under 20,000 officially accredited clinics, plus about four times as many “black medical institutions” with dubious regulatory compliance. It is believed that only a quarter of Chinese cosmetic surgeons are considered to be in full compliance with regulations.

Last week, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation announced a crackdown that includes tightening advertising regulations for the “medical beauty industry”, including “unauthorized advertising promoting unrealistic beauty standards” and promoting illegal procedures. Includes a ban on unscrupulous social media influence.

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