Chip Roy fires back at WSJ editorial board

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy fired back in response to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. piece The title is “Republican Isolationist Caucus.”

According to the article, Roy and 13 other House Republicans voted outright against four of the bills passed by the House on Saturday.

The WSJ Editorial Board labeled the list of 14 House Republicans the “List of Disgrace,” and said the Republican Party and the Republican Party were “on the verge of geopolitical conflict with the House’s passage on Saturday of military aid to Europe, the Middle East, and allies in the Middle East.” “We avoided a disaster.” pacific ocean. ”

“‘Opinion – Republicans caucus against open borders, anti-debt, anti-Hamas.’ That’s settled for you…but you’re okay with (unpaid) war and cheap labor (in the welfare state).” So you don’t care, Americans are cursed,” Roy said. tweeted.

in statement Roy said of his vote: “House Republicans, especially Speaker Mike Johnson, have been saying for months that they would not send billions of dollars in additional aid to Ukraine without first securing their own borders. “This package represents a complete reversal of our previous position.” It previously unified the Republican conference despite the clear and present danger to U.S. national security at the southern border. ”

Regarding his vote against the Israel aid bill, Roy said in a statement: “The Israel aid package combines over $9 billion in humanitarian aid to Gaza and other areas with support from Democrats. “It is certain and inevitable that Hamas’ hand is effectively funding both sides of the war and weakening Israel.”

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