Coast Guard Rescues Pregnant Woman from Disney Cruise Ship

A dramatic cruise ship scene was captured on video by a stunned witness who saw a pregnant woman. airlifted By the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

with video explained as “miserable” by new york posta mother-to-be is seen being rescued from a Disney cruise ship after experiencing a medical emergency on Monday.

The woman suffered complications and had to be airlifted, but it is unclear whether the complications were related to the pregnancy.

“Coast Guard observers in the San Juan area received a communication from the Disney Fantasy on Monday morning requesting rescue assistance as the cruise ship was sailing 260 nautical miles northwest of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico,” the USCG said. .

USCG Air Station Miami also deployed HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircraft “to rendezvous with cruise ships.” post report.

“Once on scene, Coast Guard Jayhawk crews dispatched rescue swimmers to the cruise ship and provided rescue baskets and stretchers to safely hoist the patient and cruise ship doctor onto the aircraft,” the agency said in a statement. I’ve prepared,” he announced.

“Our crews were able to quickly, safely and efficiently perform long-distance MEDEVAC to ensure patients received the higher level of care they needed,” said Lt. Col. Todd Stevens. “This case demonstrates the value of superior crew resource management and the capabilities of our Jayhawk helicopters.”

2nd Lt. Michael Riccio, USCG San Juan mission leader, praised the crew and said, “We’re glad we all worked together to save this passenger.”

“The competency demonstrated by the Disney Fantasy crew and Coast Guard personnel and units made a huge difference,” he said.

The woman’s current condition has not been released.