Is this autonomous security guard robot the protection you need?

They are not your typical office worker. Standing 5 feet tall and moving slowly down hallways at 3 miles per hour, these robot security guards are the latest addition to workplace security. Gone are the days of traditional security guards. Robots are now taking over the night shift and beyond. How do these security robots […]

Coast Guard studying if other bridges at risk following Baltimore bridge disaster

The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore in March, when a Sri Lanka-bound container ship collided with the structure and fell into the city’s harbor, killing six construction workers. In response, the agency said it was assessing whether bridges across the country were at risk. Worker. Coast Guard […]

Texas National Guard Appear To Pepper Spray Illegal Immigrants: Video

Video obtained by Reuters appears to show a National Guard unit opening fire with pepper spray toward a group of people attempting to breach a security fence between Mexico and the United States. Footage was posted to social media of a group of would-be illegal immigrants trying to cut through the security fence, then backing […]

Mexico’s National Guard Shot at Political Candidates, Says Opposition Party

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) claimed that a Mexican National Guard convoy shot at two female political candidates in Jalisco state. The incident occurred this week in Villa Purificación, a small town in the mountainous region of Jalisco, northwest of the popular beach area of ​​Manzanillo. Mexico’s federal government has not released any information about […]

Coast Guard rescues injured sailor off Georgia coast

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued an injured man after his yacht ran aground off the coast of Georgia this week. On Wednesday afternoon, Coast Guard Charleston lookouts received a distress call from a sailor reporting a sinking yacht near Sapelo Bay, Georgia, according to a news release. According to the Coast Guard, the man radioed […]

Air Force secretary rebuffs pleas from governors over Space Force National Guard plans

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall maintained his support for a proposal that would take some National Guard units and reassign them to the Space Force despite widespread opposition from the governors who have authority over those service members. The secretary refused to withdraw his support for the controversial proposal during a discussion with governors on […]

National Guard leaders, governors opposed to Air Force plan

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