Cold case murder of WWII solved 50 years later

The identity of the man responsible for the “execution-style” murder of a beloved World War II veteran turned Florida milkman has finally been revealed, more than 50 years after the case first began. .

Hiram “Ross” Graham was delivering milk in April 1968 when he couldn’t get home after work.

Officers later found his bullet-riddled body and the milk truck deep in the woods in the Vero Beach area, police said.

Thomas Williams was identified as the perpetrator after two people who knew him came forward. Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Graham’s killer, Thomas Williams, was identified with the help of people who knew him, but he was unable to tell investigators what he knew before he died.

In a statement, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said: “Thanks to determination and the cooperation of witnesses, new leads have emerged. Thomas J. Williams, now deceased, has confessed to Graeme’s murder and his guilt has been revealed. echoes from beyond the grave.” ABC.

At the time of the killing, witnesses told sheriff’s officials they saw Graham talking to two men before announcing he would “be right back.”

Investigators said the body of Hiram Ross Graham was found riddled with bullets.

The family of a World War II veteran who received the Purple Heart told WPEC-TV that nothing was happening at the time.

“Except for my dad getting home a little bit late and then a sheriff’s deputy came to pick up investigators,” Graham’s son Larry, who was 16 at the time, told the station.

The area was searched by ground and air, and Graham’s body was eventually found in the woods by a plane.

Police say a milk truck driven by Hiram “Ross” Graham was found in the woods in the Vero Beach area. WPBF25

Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers told ABC: “When they first arrived at the scene, they found Mr. Graham lying next to a milk truck with gunshot wounds and an execution-style death. “I was there,” he said.

The two men he was talking about (considered the main suspects in the massacre) were nowhere to be found, and the case went unsolved for 56 years.

Rumors began circulating in 2006 that Williams might have been involved in the murder. To cover his tracks, he wrote in a local newspaper that he “denied knowledge” of Graham’s murder and said he was “not involved” despite being accused.

The case was resolved again and lasted until Williams’ death in 2016.

Williams’ ex-wife and a friend of his sister came forward and told investigators what they knew about the incident.

Neither witness knew each other, but both had corroborating statements that led to the big break.

“They said, ‘As long as he was alive, we would never have told you because he was a threat to me and my family.’ But the fact that he has now passed away. gave them the courage to come forward,” Flowers said.

Detectives also identified a second suspect involved in the cold-blooded slaying, but did not release his name, the sheriff said. NBC.

It remains unclear why Mr. Gurayam was killed.