Cornel West, Jamaal Bowman, Al Sharpton Stand by Disgraced Harvard Ex-President Claudine Gay, Cry Racism

Black leaders, including progressive activist and independent presidential candidate Cornel West, Rep. Jamal Bowman (D-N.Y.), and MSNBC host Al Sharpton, have spoken out against the disgraced outgoing Harvard president, including He supports Dean Gay, claiming it was “racism” that led to his resignation. The fact that Gay announced his resignation in the wake of the anti-Semitism scandal at Harvard University, damning Congressional testimony, and revelations of numerous plagiarism allegations.

“This is not about plagiarism or anti-Semitism. This is about racism and intimidation. This does not make anyone safe,” Rep. Bowman said in a post on X/Twitter on Tuesday. declared. “The only winners are the fascists who bullied a talented and historic black woman into resignation.”

“2024 will be a battle for truth, democracy and our shared humanity,” he added.

Congressman Jamal Bowman (NY-16) supports freedom of expression and speaks at a press conference with Rep. Bowman, Rep. Pocan, Rep. Garcia, and TikTok creators at the Capitol on March 22, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Tasos Katapodis/Getty Images for TikTok)

Claudine Gay with a huge book

Claudine Gay holds a book that she (probably) did not plagiarize (Boston Globe)

However, X/Twitter's community note corrected Bowman's post and added context: “Harvard University's president has resigned following an investigation into her anti-Semitic policy stances and widespread plagiarism.” .

Meanwhile, Sharpton also responded to the incident, calling Gay's resignation an “attack” on “all black women” in America.

“The resignation of a gay president is more than just a person or a single incident. This is an attack on every black woman in this country that cracks the glass ceiling,” Sharpton said. Said CNN reported in a statement on Tuesday.

Additionally, Cornel West, a prominent progressive activist and independent presidential candidate, blamed Gay's resignation on “racism” for a post widely considered “anti-Semitic”. He was furious at the “undeniable” racism being perpetrated against “both Palestinians and black people.”

“How sad and unexpected that the same people and forces that are enabling the ethnic cleansing and genocidal attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, including Ackman, Blum, and Summers, would oust Harvard University’s first black female president. That’s right!” West wrote in an X/Twitter post. “This racism against both Palestinians and black people is undeniable and despicable!” he added. “I have experienced similar attacks from the same forces in academia and too many colleagues remaining silent.”

“When big money decides university policy and flesh-and-blood power decides foreign policy, the moral bankruptcy of American education and democracy looms large. But we stand for truth, justice, and love. Stay strong in this fight!'' West concluded in his post.

As Breitbart News reported, Gay resigned from his position as president on Tuesday after being accused of failing to adequately respond to an anti-Semitism scandal on campus. The scandal included the infamous signing of a pro-terrorism letter by more than 30 student organizations in response to the October 7 attack. Hamas terrorist attack against Israel.

Then came the damning Congressional testimony on anti-Semitism on December 5th, when gays joined the presidents of the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on whether they should be allowed to advocate the genocide of Jews on their campuses. refused to speak. University of Pennsylvania President Liz McGill resigned days later.

Subsequently, numerous allegations of plagiarism were discovered in an official academic complaint. They arrived in several batches over time, eventually bringing the total number of charges against Gay to nearly 50.

Notably, her six-month tenure as president is the shortest presidential term in Harvard University's history. However, Gay will remain at the Ivy League university as a professor with a salary of at least $900,000.

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