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Daniel Ricciardo feeling ‘comfortable’ ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo spoke to the media below ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. SB Nation, he finally felt comfortable behind the wheel of the RB01. At Thursday’s media day in Miami, the Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team said the chassis changes the team made to his car have finally given him a bit of confidence in the car.

“I definitely felt a lot better in China, so yeah, I hope that’s where it starts,” Ricciardo said in Miami. “But there’s a lot of feeling and comfort here, right? To be honest, once I went to the Chinese track, I felt like there was a little more leeway.

“So whether it’s maybe the physical changes that the chassis gave me, and it just allowed me to feel a little bit more of what the car was actually going to do. So that was good.”

result? Best weekend of the season for Ricciardo. In the F1 sprint race held in Miami, the RB01 was placed on the second row and passed the qualifying in 4th place. In the sprint race itself, Ricciardo briefly moved into third place, but settled into fourth place in the closing stages, ahead of Carlos Sainz Jr. and Oscar Piastri.

The five points Ricciardo earned for fourth place were his first points of the season.

meanwhile Thursday’s FIA press conference Ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Ricciardo spoke at length about the comfort level he feels with the RB01 at the moment.

“I definitely found…Yeah, I think I know what I want in this car, and I think I’m comfortable in this car.” Ricardo said Thursday.. “Obviously, there are still moments on Saturday evening, in qualifying in the afternoon, where it’s not always easy to put it together. And when some things don’t quite happen, yeah, obviously in our position.” That could mean an exit in the first quarter.

“So, that’s where we are. Competitive and still have to put everything together, but I have a lot of confidence in the car and where I am and I can get the job done often.” I guess.”

At a subsequent press conference, Ricciardo was asked to elaborate on comments made by Miami team principal Laurent Mequise, and the VCARB representative said the team was trying to make Ricciardo more “comfortable” inside the car. Ricciardo explained what it means to him and the whole team.

“I think it was last year, around the time I joined the team, did a few races, set a direction, started to diverge a little bit… Yeah, I was looking for that for sure. I think I was happy with the direction and the ride. And to be honest, in the end, Yuki. [Tsunoda] I started exploring that a little bit as well,” Ricardo said.

“And I think we both liked it. And now we’re at about the same place in what we want in a car and what we like in terms of setup. So obviously the first I understand that after a few races there were some things we were trying to overcome,” Ricciardo added. “We’re, let’s say, me and my side of the garage. But it wasn’t necessarily a huge accomplishment…I was still happy with the car, and it was clear that the lap times were In the end, it was just a bit of a question mark.

“So obviously we changed the chassis in China, and I think some people will say it didn’t have any effect, but for me, at least in my own sense, but also on paper, my season has had a pretty big impact. I feel like we’ve made a turnaround,” Ricciardo continued. “So I think that’s definitely been a positive thing so far. And we’re just trying to get a little more power out of the car.

“But there’s nothing concrete in me saying, ‘Guys, we really need this.’ I think Yuki and I are asking for similar things,” Ricardo added. “Given a little more of my experience, there might be a few more things I could lean on the team to ask. But that’s a long-winded answer.”

After all, he and the rest of the team are just trying to find that vital “tenth” that every team is looking for in a small field.

“Honestly, nothing special. We’re just trying to find lap times. And the team has done a good job. Miami needs to update the floor a little bit, maybe the first sector in Miami. It gave us a little bit more of what we needed,” Ricciardo concluded. “Well, the direction we need to go in to catch up with the top teams is clear and I think the team is doing a good job of trying to give us the best we can. And Laurent has had a great performance within the team. He showed us that, so we’re very happy to have him on the team.”

Ricciardo will get the first chance to test his comfort level in Friday’s double practice session at Imola.